Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 42

Hello Everyone!

Well, this week has been really good again!!  Our area is just amazing!!  We have found people who are willing to hear our message through our own efforts, and our members have been giving us people to teach!!  It's awesome!  So, James and Jeremy are doing AMAZING!  We taught them Tuesday night and went over their baptismal interview questions, and they did really well!!  Then we had dinner with them on Friday after eating at another member's home (where we got referrals for their neighbors!) and went over their baptismal interview questions again because they were nervous about it, but they did well again!  Then Saturday they had their interview and passed!  YAY!  We knew they would, but I'm sure they were glad it was over because they were so nervous about it.  Then after they were done with their interviews we picked out baptismal outfits for them, and we finally found suits for them!  Then they came to church on Sunday with their mom, and they came all dressed up this time!!  They usually come in just their school clothes, but their mom got them nice clothes so they were dressed in church clothes!  Lupe wasn't able to stay after sacrament because they were having car troubles that they needed to fix.  But Lupe is doing well and we are going to get Tom, he just might take more work. :) Then Josiah is doing much better this week!  We had a lesson with him on Tuesday and talked about Joseph Smith because he said he didn't have a strong testimony of him.  We read part of the pamphlet of the Testimony of Joseph Smith and hopefully cleared up some of his questions!  Then we met with him again on Saturday and he was still doing well and is excited for his baptism which we moved to September 16th, because we have a Relief Society activity on the 9th so it would interfere with the baptism.  But he's doing well and he came to church and made it to sacrament meeting and even rode his bike!  We were excited about that!  So this week we were only able to street contact about 10 people this week, but 3 of them produced something!  Two of them were people that said that the missionaries could come back to visit them, but they weren't in our area so that was sad.  Then the third one was a miracle.  We were coming out of the apartment complex and met a man.  We did a passing "Hi, how are you?" then we stopped and he turned around to talk to him.  We introduced who we were, and he said "Oh, ya I live in apartment 1029"  I thought......"Wait what??"  We didn't even ask him if we could come teach him.  So we get talking with him and find out that he just moved in with his aunt who is a less-active member that we have been writing down to go see.  Turns out that the apartment number he gave us isn't the one on the records that we have, so we got a new potential investigator and a correct address for someone all in one!!  It was really cool!!!  Anyway, it was a really cool week!  I will have more miracles to report next week!  :)  Oh, and we have a baptism this weekend I'm so excited!!  I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!

Sister Zimmerman

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