Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 71

Hello Everyone!!

This week was pretty good, not too exciting.  On Monday we were able to see a less-active family that we haven't been able to meet with for a couple of weeks, so that was really good!!  The Fabians are still doing really well, I really love that family, they are just such great people and I've been so grateful to be able to work with them!  Tuesday was a long day, I did an exchange in the morning with Sister Flake to get to know her area because next transfer I'll be taking over her wards, so that was helpful!  We did that Wednesday morning as well and it's been really helpful!  Then we had interviews and inspections which were really good!  I am so grateful for the mission president that I have been blessed to have, he always gives good counsel and is just wonderful!  He helped to resolve random concerns that I've been having. :)  Then that evening we went and saw another less-active that we haven't been able to contact in a couple of months, and I feel bad that we haven't been able to go back to see him.  When we pulled up he came out to greet us and we had a great discussion with him!  He has been less-active since he was 13 and he's in his 60s.  But, he seems to be really open so that's good!!  Then Wednesday we were able to see another less-active lady that we haven't visited since December because she hasn't answered or hasn't been feeling well, so it was really good to visit her!  Apparently a miracle happened and I'm a cat whisperer.  She's had this cat for about 6 years and it's been REALLY anti-social, as in it only allows one person to hold it.  Well, for about 10 minutes the cat snuggled on my lap!  The whole time she was in absolute aw that it was happening because the cat hates I'm really good with cats I guess? :)  I think it's being a missionary, because I'm telling you, this has happened a lot on my mission, animals can sense us being missionaries!!  Anyway, I thought that was funny!  Then we saw Kilee that evening and she is still doing pretty well!!  She is such a sweet girl and I am continually grateful for the opportunity that I've had to be able to work with her!  :)  Then Thursday evening we were able to have a neighborhood get-together at one of our ward mission leader's amphitheater!  It turned out to be a great evening and we had some less-active people that came and seemed to enjoy it!!  Then Saturday we were able to go help a less-active shovel manure and wheel it over to a garden area.  I'm sure if I did that before my mission I wouldn't have been so excited to do that, but I just love getting outside and working hard now, the mission sure does change you! :)  Then that evening we were able to visit a less-active that we haven't been able to meet since I've been here, and we had such a good visit with her!  She just needs some motivation to get coming to church, so hopefully we can keep visiting her and help her to become active again!!  Then yesterday we were able to teach our 5th Sunday lesson in one of our wards, and we hope that it went well.  Some people had a hard time hearing us because we were in the cultural hall and our voices aren't loud enough, but no one told us so we didn't know.  But, by the end a lot of our members realized that they really can participate in missionary work!  It was fun to teach. :)  Anyway, it's been a pretty good week and I hope that you all have a wonderful week and a wonderful Easter and that you can remember that it's #BecauseOfHim that our Heavenly Father's plan will allow us to return to Him.  I love you all!!

Sister Zimmerman
 We had some fun this morning taking pictures by the Taylor sign!!  I'm glad I finally got a picture there! :)
 This is seriously a town in between Taylor and Snowflake.
  was trying to be fancy with the camera, I thought this looked cool :)


Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 70

Hello Everyone!!
It's been a pretty good week!!  So, on Tuesday we were able to teach one of our new investigators!  She is from the Philippines and has a Catholic background, so she was telling us about how she remembers missionaries as white boys on bikes that had tags and were always in twos. :)  The other memory was that no one let them in, so that was sad, but she said that her heart has been softened and she thinks that we are really great people!! :)  We had a long discussion about the Book of Mormon and the Bible, about the spirit world, and baptism to enter into the kingdom of God.  So, it was a very interesting lesson but she has a real desire to learn more, so I'm excited to work with her!  Then we taught Kilee and it went well.  We unfortunately had to post-pone her baptism due to a few different things, but she will be baptized on April 18th!!  So, at least she is still being baptized!  She is such a sweet girl and is really excited to be baptized, and now we can go a little slower on the lessons too!  Then we went out with a member to contact a former investigator.  She is a really sweet lady and had been investigating for a long time.  She said that she would love visits but that she is very busy so they won't be super frequent, and she wants to take things slow and not just go through the lessons.  So, we will work with that!  No worries there! :)  So that was just really cool because the member was also super helpful!  We love member missionaries!! :)  Then Wednesday night we saw Ashley again and she is doing so well!  I love working with her!!!  She is progressing well still, so that's fun!  Then we finally saw Sarita again and she is doing well, we didn't share a message but it was still fun to visit with her!  Then we saw the Willis' and they are still doing well, I sure do love that family!!  Then on Friday we had another first lesson with our other new investigator!!!!!!  His name is Carson and he is 8 and is in the process of being adopted by our ward mission leader.  He is really excited about taking the lessons and he really wants to be baptized!!!  So we just have to go through the lessons with him and make sure that he understands everything and then he can be baptized!!  Then yesterday we had a pretty good lesson with a girl named Nikki and she is really sweet.  She is unfortunately moving today, but we went over the importance of the Book of Mormon so that she will have a good start with taking the lessons since it is so vital in our church!  It's been a pretty good week and we hope for another great week ahead of us! 
Sister Zimmerman
Well, long story short I took Sister Flake to Walmart to get some medication because she tore the ligaments in her foot and ankle.  So, we had to take a selfie. :)
 I finally took pictures of some of the blankets I've crocheted recently :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 69

Hello everyone!

So, this week was AMAZING!!!!  I cannot express the gratitude that I feel right now for the miracles that we have had this past week.  So, after Tuesday we actually got working because we had P-day and meetings all day Tuesday, but Wednesday started great things!  So, we got to help Meghan paint finally!!  So that was really exciting, she seemed so much happier after coming to church this past Sunday!  I just love her so much, and she is progressing so well!  I hope that I get to see her go through the temple one day, especially with a man that will treat her as she deserves!  Then we had a lesson with Kilee and it went really well, we are almost done with her lessons, but she had her baptismal interview and passed with flying colors!!  She is so ready and so excited about her baptism, I can't believe it's going to be this Saturday!!  Then Thursday we had another really good week!  We had a lesson with a less-active that we haven't been able to actually meet yet, and we found out that she was actually just baptized this past November!  I couldn't believe it!  So we are now aware of her and will help her get back on track in this ward.  Then we had a lesson with Stephanie and taught her the Plan of Salvation and it went really well!  We talked about baptism and she said that she wants to wait until she moves, which they plan on doing at the end of April.  She would also have to get married, so we are just going to go through the lessons with her and prepare her for baptism, then we can pass her off to her new missionaries when she moves!  She is just such a sweetheart and it was so neat to walk through Heavenly Father's plan for us because she hadn't known it before since she was raised Catholic.  Anyway, I hope that she continues to progress and she can be baptized in the near future.  Then that evening we had dinner with an older couple and after our message they gave us a referral for their neighbors a few doors down.  We turned around and invited them to come with us to contact them and they were surprised that we would want them to come with us, but they agreed and we set a time to contact them.  Well, the end of that story is so good!  We went with them just last night after dinner and we walked over with them with a plate of cookies and they received us well!  We talked to the father and he works at a prison with a lot of other members, so they have been a good influence on him which is great!  They have three little girls, and they aren't practicing any religion but said that they would be interested in us teaching them!  Heavenly Father answered our prayer to find a prepared a family!  On Saturday we contacted a girl who is living with some friends that are members.  We invited her to take the missionary lessons and she said she would love to!  So, yesterday we set up a lesson over text for Tuesday!  So there's another potential investigator.  Then, we went to one of our ward mission leader's homes to correlate, and they just got a son that they are in the process of adopting, and he is 8 and wants to be baptized!!!!  So we have ANOTHER appointment with a new investigator!  Then on Sunday, oh it was the best day of my life!  We were in 3rd ward and there is a lady that is staying with some members right now and she has come to church a couple of times and before Relief Society she talked to us and said she just wants to be a part of this church, and we have an appointment with her to start the lessons because she wants to be baptized!!!!!!  THEN, after lunch we went to contact another referral, and they were home and it is a young FAMILY!!  She was really sweet and said that they would be interested in hearing our message and we exchanged information and will hopefully start teaching them soon!!  So, this week has been the greatest blessing ever!  I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father to have been able to find so many prepared people!  And, it's such a blessing considering how dry the area was before we came, it's just so neat to see how Heavenly Father works.  Anyway, I know that our Heavenly Father is aware of us and our needs, and that he answers prayers!  I hope you all have a great week!

Sister Zimmerman
 Painting with Meghan!!! I love her so much!
 Temple Trip :D It was a beautiful day to go to the Temple!

Monday, March 9, 2015

week 68

Hello Everyone!

I hope that your weekend has been great!  We had a pretty good weekend!  We were able to see a less-active family on Wednesday night that we haven't seen in over a month, so I was really happy that it actually turned out!  We were able to teach the Restoration and it went really well, they are all really receptive and have been coming back to church, but their boy who will be turning 8 soon doesn't get to come to church because of custody and so this will hopefully help prepare him to be baptized soon!  Then on Thursday we were able to have a good lesson with another couple who have been returning for a while.  They are great, and I hope that we can continue to work with them to prepare them to go to the temple in the near future!  Anyway, then on Saturday we were able to do an exchange in the evening because Sister Boss was sick so I went with Sister Flake and we contacted a less-active guy who she had worked with for a while.  That was pretty cool to be able to contact him.  We tried to convince him to come to church, but he didn't come.  Next week maybe?  Anyway, then Sunday was such an amazing day.  First, Meghan came to church!!!  I cannot even express how excited I was to see her at church.  You know, I wish more people could understand how much it means to a person to feel wanted at church.  I feel like we've been able to help her to get to this point and it makes me so happy.  But, if more members understood this, imagine how many more people would attend!  People need to feel wanted.  We ALL do.  Anyway, I was just really happy to see her there!  Then we traveled down to the valley and were able to perform at the fireside.  It turned out pretty good.  I was able to do a duet with Sister Flake, and it was just about one of the coolest experiences that I have had with feeling the spirit.  While we were singing the Spirit just poured over me and I was so grateful that I was able to bear my testimony that I know that My Savior lives through song.  It was just really cool, and it was totally worth all of the time that we put into traveling and practicing for it.  So, it was a good weekend.  I love you all and hope that you are all doing well and are able to find small and simple ways to participate in the hastening of the work of salvation!

Sister Zimmerman
 ​Traveling up from the mountain this morning with these two beautiful sisters!  
Meiwan at the Scottsdale mission fireside:D


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Week 67

Hello everyone!!

Well, this week has been pretty good, just busy as always!  To start off, I have a new companion, Sister Boss!  She is from Milcreek, Utah and has been out for 17 months, which means she came out just one transfer before me!  So, yes I am staying in Taylor, yay!  So, this week we were able to see a good amount of people, just not as many as we had hoped to go to. BUT, a miracle happened this week!  We got a call Sunday night and it was Kilee.  She said that she had called her mom and she got permission to be baptized!!!!  We are SOOOO excited!  And so is she!  Her date is the 21st and we are looking forward to it!  She is just the sweetest girl, it's been so fun to be a part of this journey with her!  So, things are going well there, and we were able to see Ashley again and she is progressing well still!  She is just such a great person, it's so fun to be able to teach her!  She's probably the most willing returning less-active that I've ever worked with!  She just doesn't hesitate to commit to do things, it's such a great feeling!  And just so fun to watch people just embrace the gospel again in their lives because they understand the importance of it!  Meghan is also doing well, we are hoping to get her prepared to go on trek soon, so that should be exciting!  We unfortunately didn't get any member referrals this past week, but hopefully we can find a family this week.  We have so much potential in this area, I hope that now that we have a sure foot in the area we can get working hard and see the miracles that come from it.  I just know that there is a family that is waiting for us to come.  Oh, we did have a fun time on Monday with a member.  We made homemade churros, then we went over with them to a less-active family that we haven't been able to get in touch with.  We had a great visit with them and they were very open and are wanting us to come over and start teaching them!  So that was exciting, and even more fun to see the member enjoy participating in missionary work!  I apologize that I don't have too much to report on, I'm sure much more happened this week but I forgot my planner....woops!  Anyway, I hope that you all have a great week!  I love you all!

Sister Zimmerman

 So, we had a "funeral" for Elder Jackson, one of our Zone Leaders who went home on Monday. We had a little fun with it :)

 This is Hermana Freeman who I love very much.  She went home on Monday, so I had to get a picture with her!
 I forgot to send this last week, but we made homemade tortillas and I made one in the shape of a heart so of course I had to take a picture with it! :)
 new companion Sis. Boss :D
 my new companion, Sis. Boss! We are going to conquer Taylor!
One last picture with Sister Christensen :(  She will do great in her new area!
Sis. Christensen with a recent convert, Jane! :D