Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 69

Hello everyone!

So, this week was AMAZING!!!!  I cannot express the gratitude that I feel right now for the miracles that we have had this past week.  So, after Tuesday we actually got working because we had P-day and meetings all day Tuesday, but Wednesday started great things!  So, we got to help Meghan paint finally!!  So that was really exciting, she seemed so much happier after coming to church this past Sunday!  I just love her so much, and she is progressing so well!  I hope that I get to see her go through the temple one day, especially with a man that will treat her as she deserves!  Then we had a lesson with Kilee and it went really well, we are almost done with her lessons, but she had her baptismal interview and passed with flying colors!!  She is so ready and so excited about her baptism, I can't believe it's going to be this Saturday!!  Then Thursday we had another really good week!  We had a lesson with a less-active that we haven't been able to actually meet yet, and we found out that she was actually just baptized this past November!  I couldn't believe it!  So we are now aware of her and will help her get back on track in this ward.  Then we had a lesson with Stephanie and taught her the Plan of Salvation and it went really well!  We talked about baptism and she said that she wants to wait until she moves, which they plan on doing at the end of April.  She would also have to get married, so we are just going to go through the lessons with her and prepare her for baptism, then we can pass her off to her new missionaries when she moves!  She is just such a sweetheart and it was so neat to walk through Heavenly Father's plan for us because she hadn't known it before since she was raised Catholic.  Anyway, I hope that she continues to progress and she can be baptized in the near future.  Then that evening we had dinner with an older couple and after our message they gave us a referral for their neighbors a few doors down.  We turned around and invited them to come with us to contact them and they were surprised that we would want them to come with us, but they agreed and we set a time to contact them.  Well, the end of that story is so good!  We went with them just last night after dinner and we walked over with them with a plate of cookies and they received us well!  We talked to the father and he works at a prison with a lot of other members, so they have been a good influence on him which is great!  They have three little girls, and they aren't practicing any religion but said that they would be interested in us teaching them!  Heavenly Father answered our prayer to find a prepared a family!  On Saturday we contacted a girl who is living with some friends that are members.  We invited her to take the missionary lessons and she said she would love to!  So, yesterday we set up a lesson over text for Tuesday!  So there's another potential investigator.  Then, we went to one of our ward mission leader's homes to correlate, and they just got a son that they are in the process of adopting, and he is 8 and wants to be baptized!!!!  So we have ANOTHER appointment with a new investigator!  Then on Sunday, oh it was the best day of my life!  We were in 3rd ward and there is a lady that is staying with some members right now and she has come to church a couple of times and before Relief Society she talked to us and said she just wants to be a part of this church, and we have an appointment with her to start the lessons because she wants to be baptized!!!!!!  THEN, after lunch we went to contact another referral, and they were home and it is a young FAMILY!!  She was really sweet and said that they would be interested in hearing our message and we exchanged information and will hopefully start teaching them soon!!  So, this week has been the greatest blessing ever!  I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father to have been able to find so many prepared people!  And, it's such a blessing considering how dry the area was before we came, it's just so neat to see how Heavenly Father works.  Anyway, I know that our Heavenly Father is aware of us and our needs, and that he answers prayers!  I hope you all have a great week!

Sister Zimmerman
 Painting with Meghan!!! I love her so much!
 Temple Trip :D It was a beautiful day to go to the Temple!

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