Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week 66

Hello Everyone!!!

So, this week has been very busy!!  On Tuesday we went down to Payson for Zone Conference, so we left after studies and got back at 7:30 and then did our shopping.  The Zone Conference was soooo good I loved it!  We talked about finding families, and having the faith to actively search for families to teach.  We also received just good information from our mission president, he is an amazing man!  Then we also had some instruction on a program that was installed into our car which tracks our driving.  So, hopefully we have a lot less speeding, accidents, etc. in our mission!  Then Then on Wednesday we were able to see Stephanie which was awesome!  She is such a sweetheart!  We had a really good visit with her Wednesday, then went back on Thursday to teach her the Restoration!  It was a really good lesson and we invited her to baptism but she said that she would pray about it!  That's all that we can ask for, but she has a really sincere heart, and wants to learn more and do the right thing.  She even picked up the Book of Mormon Wednesday night after we gave it to her!  Yay!!  So, we are excited about her!  And her boyfriend had some good input as well, and it was really good to see that he remembers a lot about the gospel and really believes it too.  On Thursday we were able to teach a less-active lady the Restoration right after teaching Stephanie.  Let me tell you, we taught the exact same doctrine, but it was a totally different lesson.  It was so cool to step back after her lesson and see how different the Holy Ghost speaks through us to teach these people so differently.  I knew that before, but we taught those lessons right after each other, so it was cool to see them almost right by each other and to see the comparison.  It was a neat lesson that Heavenly Father taught me about how the Holy Ghost guides us in our lessons.  Anyway, Sunday was a pretty cool day.  We had a special Stake Conference that was announced a few weeks ago.  We had President Richard J. Maynes from the Presidency of the Seventy come and speak to us, along with Elder Frost.  We had a really neat meeting, and I'm hoping that it helped our members to have a greater motivation to participate in missionary work!  He told a cool story about 4 people involved in a story that brought a lady to the gospel.  The point he made was that those people involved had to be in tune to the spirit in order to be a link in the story.  It was just super neat, and his question was "will you be the missing link in a story, or will you do all you can to be in tune to the spirit?"  It was just really cool.  Then we were busy in the afternoon, and after dinner we had a missed call from Kilee, asking when we could teach her the other lessons.  We felt really bad because we didn't know how to get a hold of her and so we hadn't set up a lesson this past week.  Well we happened to have just enough time to head over right then and teach her the Plan of Salvation!  It went really well and she is just so sweet!  We hope to get her on date this week, we are just still waiting on her mom.  But, things are going well, and it's just so fun to be able to see the little miracles in the day!  I hope that you all have a great week!  I love you all!!

Sister Zimmerman
 This isn't the best picture, but it was so pretty on the way down to the valley yesterday!  We went through Globe because there was snow on the Rim.
 So, last transfer we got zone hoodies!  We thought they turned out pretty fun! :)
One of our moving adventures, the Taylor District has become pro at moving! ;)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 65

Hello Everyone!!

This week has been really good!  And yes, I just hit my 15 month mark!  I can't believe how little time I have left, but I'm trying to make the best of every moment!  Anyway, so this week just disappeared!  We did some service this week for different people, and that was good and fun to be able to work and be out in the sun, we enjoy it a lot! :)  So on Tuesday we stopped by Kilee and asked her how serious she was about being baptized, and she's totally on board!  Unfortunately, we don't have a date yet because we need to get permission from her mom and we need to schedule with her so that she can come up from the valley to be there, but hopefully soon!  Then on Thursday we were able to actually teach her the Restoration and it went really well, she knew everything pretty well!  She is really just such a sweet girl and is so prepared!!!  I'm so surprised that no one has really said anything about her!  Anyway, then we had a Relief Society activity on Tuesday night for one of our wards and Erica and Gloria both came!!  They seemed pretty happy to be there, so that was pretty exciting!  We were just so happy to see that they came out to the activity.  Then on Wednesday we had a really really good visit with Sarita!!!  It made us so happy!  So she has been pretty shut off from having any spiritual message when the sisters came over, but she was fine with them visiting her.  Anyway, on Wednesday we brought the December Ensign that had an article on angels and the Holy Ghost that we really wanted to share with her.  Since she had told us of some cool experiences that she had had with her parents since they have passed away, we shared a message from that article on how her parents who are now angels can sometimes speak through us through the Holy Ghost.  She really liked it, and at the end she seemed happy for us to share a prayer!  This may not seem super big, but it is for her!  And she had us over on Friday for fetticine alfredo and decorating sugar cookies and she admitted that she's basically a dry mormon!  Anyway, we are really excited about her, if you can't tell from all of my exclamation points. :)  We were able to see the Willis' again this week and they are progressing really well, Brother Willis is going to be ordained to be an Elder in March at Stake Conference, I'm super excited!!  Then we visited an old couple in the ward and she's in really bad health, so her hospice nurse came while we were visiting.  They didn't mind us being there while the nurse was there, so we talked to the nurse a little bit who isn't a member, and it was pretty neat.  She has a lot of friends who are members, but hasn't been interested, but her heart seems to be softening, so hopefully something comes of her visits to that couple, they are great missionaries!  Then we were able to teach Meghan again this week, and it went really well!  We also submitted her name to be an adult child for trek this summer!  It would be such a good experience for her so I hope that it goes through!  Oh, and Kilee came to church on Sunday!!!  So we actually had an investigator at church!!!  So, this week has been really good and I hope to continue to see progress in this area!  I love you all!  Please Please decide today how YOU will participate in laboring alongside our savior in His vineyard, so that you can experience the joy that is in store for you and those you bring to the gospel!  Have a great week!  Oh, and Happy Valentines!!

Sister Zimmerman
 This isn't quite the whole zone because the camera was situated weird, but that's part of Payson zone!
 At Sarita's!  She had us wear her aprons because women wear aprons! ;)
 We drove down and back from the valley today for a choir practice and we were the only sisters with 8 other elders!  It was pretty fun, I got some good crocheting in. :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 64

Hello again!

This week has been really good!  To show about how great it was, we got 15 lessons this week!  Which, isn't the greatest, but in comparison to our average of 8-10 lessons we've had a week since we got here, we thought that was quite a treat!!  So, on Monday we got a new investigator, YAY!!  Her name is Stephanie and she is very sweet!  We got her as a referral from the other sisters; they were teaching her boyfriend's friend.  So we had a great visit with them and she's really open to taking the missionary lessons, she said that she has a Christian background, but hasn't been to church in a while.  Anyway, we weren't able to teach her the Restoration this past week, but we hope to teach it to her this next week!  Then we were able to see the Fabians and they are doing really well!  It's so fun to watch them continue to progress, and we've been studying the Bible and Book of Mormon with them which has been exciting!  Then we had a really good day on Tuesday!  We were able to contact one lady in one of our wards that our Bishop wanted us to go see, which was a blessing because we hadn't been able to contact her yet!  Then we were able to see the Kurzhals and we had a great lesson with them!  She has only had a couple of the missionary lessons, and has been pretty quiet when we have gone to see her.  But, this time after having a visit, we asked if we could teach her the missionary lessons again and she said yes!  And then she said that she would teach us lessons about Native American pottery!  So, win win! :)  Then that evening we had dinner with a sweet couple in our ward and they had their less-active son and his family over!  It was a pretty quiet dinner, but they are a nice family!  We were able to teach them the Restoration after dinner and it went pretty well!  We told them that we would love to teach them the Plan of Salvation, and they said they would get back to us on their schedules!  Then we were able to see another lady in our ward that we haven't seen in a while, and we went back later in the week and read from the Book of Mormon.  It's fun to go through the basics with people and help remind them why we do the things we do!  And I just love the Book of Mormon with all of my heart!  Anyway, we also saw Ashley this week and it was a good lesson!  She is doing really well and is wanting to do what is right, we just hope we can hold on to her!  She did come to church which was good to hear!  We also saw Jane and she is doing well, she is such a neat lady, we love going to visit her!  When we got there, she was on a tractor digging up tree stumps, she's pretty cool. :)  We were also able to teach the Willis' again!!  We taught the Plan of Salvation and it was so fun to be able to watch him think about where he wants to end up after this life, and then watch him realize that that is why we have to do certain things if we want to end up in the Celestial Kingdom.  It was just a good lesson, and we sure do love them!  Then we saw another less-active couple and explained the Word of Wisdom again.  We were very bold with them, and it seemed to work!  By the end I think she actually understood why she couldn't have coffee or tea anymore.  Then we were able to see Megan again this week.  She is so great!   We taught the Plan of Salvation with a little kit that I have and she was teaching her little boys the lesson, which was really cool to watch!  You always learn more when you're the teacher!  Then Saturday was a really fun day.  We got to spread manure for a less-active lady in our ward!  We honestly did have so much fun with it!  We love doing service, and it was just good to talk with this lady as we helped her.  During our conversation, she also told us that one of her friends asked her if she could come to church with her!  We were so excited to hear that she is being a missionary, and that we could have another potential investigator!  Our hard work is paying off, slowly but surely. :)  Then Sunday was pretty good, it's just always a busy day getting to all of our meetings and trying to see people in the evening, but it was a good day!  I hope you all have a great week, and remember to hasten the Lord's work however you can! :)

Sister Zimmerman 
 One of our sweet members that fed us this past week, we sure do love her!  
Us outside of our Stake Center. It's been a BEAUTIFUL week up here in Taylor, and my hair is getting really long! :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 63

Hello Everyone!

It has been a really good week this past week, and a very busy one as well!  So, we haven't been able to get Kilee on date, BUT it sounds like she really wants to get baptized, we just need to get everything set up and teach her the lessons!  We are super excited!!  Also, we were able to teach the Restoration to the Willis' which was so great!  We are hoping to keep them on track to getting to the temple, which would be just about the greatest thing to see!   Then we had dinner with Sarita on Friday, and it went really well!  We weren't able to teach her anything, but you can tell that she really likes to have us around!  Then on Friday we also helped someone move almost all day, but we had great lessons that evening.  We were able to teach Peach with a member there, and it went so good!  She is great, we hope we can get her progressing to the temple as well!  We also saw Ashley this week and her lesson went really well, she is so great, we love  her!  The good thing was that her husband also looked really happy to see us there, so we are moving up!  YAY!!  Anyway, then on Saturday we had a miracle!!!  So Saturday morning we were able to go to a women's conference for the stake.  It was super good, it was about the trek and it was just a really good program.  Well, Meghan came!!!  We were so thrilled!!  We saw her walk in alone and we were both just so excited.  She has told us that we would be lucky if she came to church, and she didn't seem to be interested in coming to the conference, so we were just really happy.  She really enjoyed it, and it was perfect because she went on a trek when she was 16 and absolutely loved it!  She told us that she really wants to go on this trek this summer with our stake!  Anyway, good things are happening for sure!  Then we also heard about a girl who is becoming a YW this week, but she isn't a member!  We have actually met her and her family, her parents are less-active.  We just didn't know that she wasn't a member.  Anyway, we are going to try to see her this week and possibly tag along for YW if she goes!  So, we've decided that we are meant to baptize all the beehives in this area :).  Anyway, this week has been good, and we have some great things planned for this next week!  I hope you all have a great week and find ways to hasten the work!!!  

Sister Zimmerman
​We got to learn how to make cards with a sweet sister in our ward!  It was pretty fun!