Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 63

Hello Everyone!

It has been a really good week this past week, and a very busy one as well!  So, we haven't been able to get Kilee on date, BUT it sounds like she really wants to get baptized, we just need to get everything set up and teach her the lessons!  We are super excited!!  Also, we were able to teach the Restoration to the Willis' which was so great!  We are hoping to keep them on track to getting to the temple, which would be just about the greatest thing to see!   Then we had dinner with Sarita on Friday, and it went really well!  We weren't able to teach her anything, but you can tell that she really likes to have us around!  Then on Friday we also helped someone move almost all day, but we had great lessons that evening.  We were able to teach Peach with a member there, and it went so good!  She is great, we hope we can get her progressing to the temple as well!  We also saw Ashley this week and her lesson went really well, she is so great, we love  her!  The good thing was that her husband also looked really happy to see us there, so we are moving up!  YAY!!  Anyway, then on Saturday we had a miracle!!!  So Saturday morning we were able to go to a women's conference for the stake.  It was super good, it was about the trek and it was just a really good program.  Well, Meghan came!!!  We were so thrilled!!  We saw her walk in alone and we were both just so excited.  She has told us that we would be lucky if she came to church, and she didn't seem to be interested in coming to the conference, so we were just really happy.  She really enjoyed it, and it was perfect because she went on a trek when she was 16 and absolutely loved it!  She told us that she really wants to go on this trek this summer with our stake!  Anyway, good things are happening for sure!  Then we also heard about a girl who is becoming a YW this week, but she isn't a member!  We have actually met her and her family, her parents are less-active.  We just didn't know that she wasn't a member.  Anyway, we are going to try to see her this week and possibly tag along for YW if she goes!  So, we've decided that we are meant to baptize all the beehives in this area :).  Anyway, this week has been good, and we have some great things planned for this next week!  I hope you all have a great week and find ways to hasten the work!!!  

Sister Zimmerman
​We got to learn how to make cards with a sweet sister in our ward!  It was pretty fun! 

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