Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 62

Hello Everyone! 

So these past few days have been really great!!  Wednesday evening we went on exchanges, and I stayed in my area and we had a pretty good day!  We were able to see Meghan which was great, and we invited her to church but she said we would be lucky if she came.  So hopefully we can get her, I really feel that she is ready to come back to church, we just have to work hard on her!  And get her some fellowshippers, if only the members knew how much impact they have on the work!  Anyway, then on Thursday we had a great District Meeting and then drove to Star Valley about an hour and a half south of us, to go to a Ford dealership to get our car looked at.  Well, we found out that there is actually a dealership in Show Low, so that was sad because we wasted time traveling, but we just followed orders.  Then they couldn't fix we turned around and made it back in time for dinner!  On the way back we did get a picture of the rim and that was fun!  After we took a couple of pictures, a man stopped in the middle of the highway and asked if we were okay, then he realized we were missionaries.  We told him we were just taking pictures, so he drove off.  Then when we were getting in the car, he had turned around and asked if we wanted a picture together, we thought it was pretty funny and nice of him to do that!  So we got a laugh out of it :).  Then we stopped by a couple and asked if we could have a lesson with them and their less-active grandchildren, and they said they would then they sent us off with orange sticks and a package of Reeses Pieces!  We were in heaven :).  Haha, not that we needed it but they were yummy :).  We also contacted a family who aren't members, so hopefully when we stop by again we will get to teach them!  Then Friday we were finally able to teach Jane who is a recent convert.  She is doing so well, we love teaching her!  She investigated for over 20 years!!  That was all because a good friend fellowshipped her for so long!  I told you, you members have so much influence, you just don't know it! :)  Anyway, then after dinner we went over with one our members to bring some treats over to Ashley and for the member to meet her to fellowship her!  They hit it off pretty easy, and they have nursing in common and the member was also able to offer a job to Ashley, which was great!  Another testimony to the value of members!  And on Sunday, that member brought her around to meet other people and it was just so great, everyone really liked getting to know her, hopefully we can get her active!  Oh, and her husband who isn't a member actually talked to us a little on Friday, which was a miracle because he barely acknowledges us when we go!  So that was just really neat!  Then on Saturday we stopped by a less-active lady's home and we ended up doing some service for them!  Her granddaughter is living with her, and we helped her reorganize some stuff then we left with a scripture.  Then we found out on Sunday that the granddaughter isn't a member, and she told us the day before that she loves hearing the lessons!  So we have a really good potential baptism now!  We are super excited!!!  So, things are going well, and we have a really good week ahead of us.  We finally feel like we are getting the hang of things, so that's really nice!  I love you all, remember that you are so valuable to the hastening of the Lord's work! 

Sister Zimmerman
 Meghan's cute boy's in sweat outfit and batman outfit that he wears almost every time we go over :)

The rim!  And my awesome photography skills  ;)

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