Monday, January 12, 2015

week 61

Hello Everyone!

I hope you have all had a great week!  We have had a great week out here in Taylor!  We are finally starting to get into the swing of things, and the work is hastening!  So, on Monday we had a great night.  First of all, a recent convert told us about some things that the ward mission leader had done for him!  He first said, "you tattled on me to the mission president!" and Sister Christensen and I were really confused because we hadn't even talked to our mission president about him.  Then we figured out that he meant the ward mission leader.  Turns out, he offered Travis a second job at the place where he manages, then he offered a ride to church on Sundays because they don't have a car, then he also offered to take them in to Show Low to do some shopping!  Travis was so excited, he saw them as not just cool, but enormous blessings!  So that was really cool to see a member reaching out to him!  Then, we went and contacted a family who was also referred to us by that ward mission leader.  The mom answered and she was really nice to us, but she was busy so she said that we could come back on Friday at 3!  We were super excited because she was just different from people that we meet, well on Friday they were also busy but we met the dad and he was also really nice to us!  We set another appointment for this week, so hopefully something happens!  We are really excited about that family!  On Wednesday we had a zone meeting that was really great!  We learned a lot!  We also have higher standards set by our mission leaders, so we hope that we can achieve them!  Later that day we met with a less-active lady and she was telling us all of these miracles that have happened in her life, and I think it was just really good for her to remember the Lord's hand in her life!  It helped her out a lot to talk to us about it!  We also had our appointment fall through this week with the Shurter's which was sad.  They left a note on the door saying that they had to go to Show Low for a dentist appointment.  We stopped by the next day but they weren't there, so that was a little sad but we will see them again!  Then on Saturday we had a fun time moving a non-member lady who was moving out of her house because she is getting a divorce. We got her all moved out and we got her info to send missionaries over to help her unpack and hopefully will be able to touch her heart and start teaching her!  Then on Sunday we had great ward councils.  I think our members are starting to get the whole "hastening the work" idea.  It is scary to think of doing missionary work, but I promise that there are ways for you to do missionary work in your own way!  Also, last night we contacted a referral of a single mom with two young kids. She was taught a couple of years ago but she didn't like the Elder's answers so she kicked them out.  She has a lot of questions, and we will hopefully be able to help her gain peace and understanding in her life.  She recognizes that there is something missing, and knows that she needs to look into a religion, so hopefully we can help her!  So it's been a good week here!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!  

Sister Zimmerman
 I made some cute hats for my mom's soon-to-be cute bald head!  Other pictures will be coming next week of our zone and such!  I love you all!

oops, too small ;D

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