Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Week 62

Hello Everyone!

It's been an interesting week, and I wish we had worked harder.  That's what I have to say about this week.  But, some good things did happen, nonetheless.  We have been working with a lady, Nellie, trying to get her to the temple.  We were able to teach her the Restoration, which was great!  She is doing the temple prep classes, and hopefully she can get to the temple soon!  Then on Tuesday we had a Relief Society activity for 3rd ward and it went really well!  We learned how to make soap, so that was really cool!  The coolest part was that there was a less-active there that swore a while ago that she would never set foot in an LDS church again.  But, she made it to sacrament meeting for the second week in a row!!!  It is so cool to see her progressing!  Then we saw Ashley twice in the past week and a half, and she is doing well!  We sure do love working with her!  She's so great, and we hope she starts coming to church soon!  We also met a man named Bob, and he's been inactive since he was 13 and he's in his 60s.  He let us in and we had a great visit and he agreed to let us come back!!  So that was exciting!  Then we saw Meghan finally!!!  She is doing so well and our appointment went great!  We taught the Restoration, and she pulled out her Seminary scriptures and started remembering the stuff that she had learned when she was in seminary!  It was really cool to see her light up a little!!  Then we also saw the Harbisons, and they unfortunately didn't come to church on Sunday because they were all sick, but we hope to see them this week and help them come to church!  They are a really sweet family!  Then on Sunday we finally met a lady in the ward that has 3 grandkids living with her plus one of their friends.  Their friend happens to not be a member, too!  We had a good visit, and hopefully something will happen there!  Then Monday was pretty good, we were able to see Sarita, and it's so cool to see her open up.  We both really believe that she'll get baptized one of these days, but there are a lot of people who don't see that happening.  Yesterday was also pretty cool, we visited a lady who has been less-active and has been struggling with depression lately.  We just had a good visit with her, and we told her we would come make cards for people with her because she does stuff with Stampin' up!  and she just lit up when we told her we would come do it with her!  Anyway, it's been a good week, but we unfortunately didn't get to see our investigators that we've been trying to work with, but luckily we have second chances!  I hope that you all have a great week!!  I love you all!!

Sister Zimmerman
 Just a fun little bag I made:D

 Look what I found!!!!  I thought this was so cool, I jumped out of the car and took a picture! 

Papa Nauta's picture is hanging here in the family history building :D

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