Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 65

Hello Everyone!!

This week has been really good!  And yes, I just hit my 15 month mark!  I can't believe how little time I have left, but I'm trying to make the best of every moment!  Anyway, so this week just disappeared!  We did some service this week for different people, and that was good and fun to be able to work and be out in the sun, we enjoy it a lot! :)  So on Tuesday we stopped by Kilee and asked her how serious she was about being baptized, and she's totally on board!  Unfortunately, we don't have a date yet because we need to get permission from her mom and we need to schedule with her so that she can come up from the valley to be there, but hopefully soon!  Then on Thursday we were able to actually teach her the Restoration and it went really well, she knew everything pretty well!  She is really just such a sweet girl and is so prepared!!!  I'm so surprised that no one has really said anything about her!  Anyway, then we had a Relief Society activity on Tuesday night for one of our wards and Erica and Gloria both came!!  They seemed pretty happy to be there, so that was pretty exciting!  We were just so happy to see that they came out to the activity.  Then on Wednesday we had a really really good visit with Sarita!!!  It made us so happy!  So she has been pretty shut off from having any spiritual message when the sisters came over, but she was fine with them visiting her.  Anyway, on Wednesday we brought the December Ensign that had an article on angels and the Holy Ghost that we really wanted to share with her.  Since she had told us of some cool experiences that she had had with her parents since they have passed away, we shared a message from that article on how her parents who are now angels can sometimes speak through us through the Holy Ghost.  She really liked it, and at the end she seemed happy for us to share a prayer!  This may not seem super big, but it is for her!  And she had us over on Friday for fetticine alfredo and decorating sugar cookies and she admitted that she's basically a dry mormon!  Anyway, we are really excited about her, if you can't tell from all of my exclamation points. :)  We were able to see the Willis' again this week and they are progressing really well, Brother Willis is going to be ordained to be an Elder in March at Stake Conference, I'm super excited!!  Then we visited an old couple in the ward and she's in really bad health, so her hospice nurse came while we were visiting.  They didn't mind us being there while the nurse was there, so we talked to the nurse a little bit who isn't a member, and it was pretty neat.  She has a lot of friends who are members, but hasn't been interested, but her heart seems to be softening, so hopefully something comes of her visits to that couple, they are great missionaries!  Then we were able to teach Meghan again this week, and it went really well!  We also submitted her name to be an adult child for trek this summer!  It would be such a good experience for her so I hope that it goes through!  Oh, and Kilee came to church on Sunday!!!  So we actually had an investigator at church!!!  So, this week has been really good and I hope to continue to see progress in this area!  I love you all!  Please Please decide today how YOU will participate in laboring alongside our savior in His vineyard, so that you can experience the joy that is in store for you and those you bring to the gospel!  Have a great week!  Oh, and Happy Valentines!!

Sister Zimmerman
 This isn't quite the whole zone because the camera was situated weird, but that's part of Payson zone!
 At Sarita's!  She had us wear her aprons because women wear aprons! ;)
 We drove down and back from the valley today for a choir practice and we were the only sisters with 8 other elders!  It was pretty fun, I got some good crocheting in. :)

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