Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 70

Hello Everyone!!
It's been a pretty good week!!  So, on Tuesday we were able to teach one of our new investigators!  She is from the Philippines and has a Catholic background, so she was telling us about how she remembers missionaries as white boys on bikes that had tags and were always in twos. :)  The other memory was that no one let them in, so that was sad, but she said that her heart has been softened and she thinks that we are really great people!! :)  We had a long discussion about the Book of Mormon and the Bible, about the spirit world, and baptism to enter into the kingdom of God.  So, it was a very interesting lesson but she has a real desire to learn more, so I'm excited to work with her!  Then we taught Kilee and it went well.  We unfortunately had to post-pone her baptism due to a few different things, but she will be baptized on April 18th!!  So, at least she is still being baptized!  She is such a sweet girl and is really excited to be baptized, and now we can go a little slower on the lessons too!  Then we went out with a member to contact a former investigator.  She is a really sweet lady and had been investigating for a long time.  She said that she would love visits but that she is very busy so they won't be super frequent, and she wants to take things slow and not just go through the lessons.  So, we will work with that!  No worries there! :)  So that was just really cool because the member was also super helpful!  We love member missionaries!! :)  Then Wednesday night we saw Ashley again and she is doing so well!  I love working with her!!!  She is progressing well still, so that's fun!  Then we finally saw Sarita again and she is doing well, we didn't share a message but it was still fun to visit with her!  Then we saw the Willis' and they are still doing well, I sure do love that family!!  Then on Friday we had another first lesson with our other new investigator!!!!!!  His name is Carson and he is 8 and is in the process of being adopted by our ward mission leader.  He is really excited about taking the lessons and he really wants to be baptized!!!  So we just have to go through the lessons with him and make sure that he understands everything and then he can be baptized!!  Then yesterday we had a pretty good lesson with a girl named Nikki and she is really sweet.  She is unfortunately moving today, but we went over the importance of the Book of Mormon so that she will have a good start with taking the lessons since it is so vital in our church!  It's been a pretty good week and we hope for another great week ahead of us! 
Sister Zimmerman
Well, long story short I took Sister Flake to Walmart to get some medication because she tore the ligaments in her foot and ankle.  So, we had to take a selfie. :)
 I finally took pictures of some of the blankets I've crocheted recently :)

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