Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 43

This week has been really good!  There have been a lot of ups and some downs, but I'm trying to do my best to take care of the downs!  So....this Saturday the boys were baptized!!!!!  It was SOOO amazing!!  They had a lot of family there to support and everything just went super smoothly and it was just a lot of fun!  Those two boys are such inspirations to so many people!  It's just amazing that these two boys got baptized even though no one else in their immediate family are members.  They do have cousins and a grandma that recently converted, but they did search this out on their own!  Our bishop gave a really sweet talk at the end of the baptism and was just so proud of them!  Sister Stevens and Sister Taylor also came down for the baptism and it was really good to catch up with Sister Stevens and get updates about the area!  She gave me lots of hugs from people up there which was sweet to know that I've been missed up there!  I can't wait to visit those people again after my mission!  Then the boys were confirmed members of our church on Sunday!  They were so cute!  So they are doing well, and we heard a member from the Spanish branch telling their sister to tell them when she was going to be baptized!!  Those boys sure have been a great influence!  So hopefully 3 baptisms are on the horizon for this area!!  Josiah is also doing well!  He wasn't able to come to church because he fell asleep after getting up because he is starting his new job working security at night and was super tired from it!  But he is still excited for his baptism next Tuesday so I will have another baptism picture for you next week!!  He is awesome and answered yes to all of the baptismal interview questions this time!  Then we were also able to street contact 29 people this week, but none became potential investigators for us, but we did get at least one referral for some other missionaries!  I love hastening the work wherever I can!  One day I'll make a difference for my area, and if not, so be it! :)  The work is great, and I love this opportunity to serve!  This weekend I go into double digits!!  I'll be home sooner than I know!  I love you all and hope that you all have a great week!  I'll update you again next Wednesday!

Sister Zimmerman
 Sand storm that just missed Scottsdale, but covered Phoenix!
 Sister Lords and I with the boys!!! They are so cute!!
Lupe and Tom with the boys!!  I love this family!!

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