Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Week 44

Hello Everyone!!!

So, this past week and a half has been great!!  So I was transferred yesterday, which was sad because I only got 9 weeks there, but I am so happy that I got to serve in the Coronado ward for the time that I got to!!  Josiah got baptized last night and it was AMAZING!!!!!  So, he was about 30 minutes late, but he made it!!  The baptism went super well and after I was asked to give a quick talk on the Holy Ghost because Josiah decided that that's my topic that I enjoy to talk about the most :)  I didn't realize that, but I'll take it!  Then afterward there was a musical number by his college football coach's wife who happens to be in our ward!!  Anyway, I looked over and he was crying!!!!  What a wonderful moment to look at my investigator who is crying because of the spirit he has felt.  Then his brother who isn't a member reached his arm around him and that definitely was a tear jerker.  It was just so neat!!  It was a wonderful night and I was so happy that I got to teach him for the time that I did!  He will be a great member!  Then I had to say goodbye to the people I have worked with and that was really sad, but I'm determined to go back to visit them!!  The boys are still doing good and the sisters will continue to work on their parents who definitely have been touched by their example!  It's just been a great week and I've been so happy about the time I had to serve there!  As for my new area, I am now in Mesa right on the border of our mission and the Mesa mission, so I am also just about 5 minutes from the temple!!!!   So that's exciting!  My companion is Sister Rudy and she will be going home at the end of the transfer, which is sad!  But  I am super excited to be her companion!  I have really enjoyed her the past day that we have been together!  We also live with members who are super sweet, but it will be different not living with other sisters!  So that's my new area, I'm really excited about it!  Oh, and this Saturday we are supposed to have a conference from Elder Nelson, but he recently got attacked on an assignment in Africa?  So, if you could all pray for him that would be great!  We really hope this goes through, because we missed out on Elder Holland in January!  I hope you all are doing well!  I love and miss you all!!! 

Sister Zimmerman
 My sweet boys!!  I'm going to miss them!! 
 The whole family!  Me, James, Tom, Lupe, and Jeremy!  I love them so much!!  And Lupe is from around Morelia where Haley has been serving! :)
 Me, Sister Lord's and Josiah!  I will hopefully get baptism pictures soon.....I didn't have my camera at the baptism from the chaos of moving into my new home. But next week I will hopefully have some!!
Another blanket I recently finished that I gave to Melani, Josiah's little girl!  Sorry I have so many pictures!
 Sister Daniel!!!  I LOVE this lady!  Good news!!!  Her boyfriend proposed so she can go to the temple soon!!!!  I'm so excited for her!! 
Us and Sister Bonilla, a super helpful member!  She is also a convert of 5 years!  I absolutely love her!!!

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