Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 41

Hello Everyone!!

This week has been good!!  We had some slower days because I haven't been feeling well on and off, but it was still a pretty successful week!!  First of all, James and Jeremy are on date!!!!  We are pretty excited for that!!  They fed us Monday night and we talked with the parents and they are super on board!!  Then in our other two lessons this week, their mom Lupe sat in and then Tom their dad sat in on Friday night!!!  Then Sunday they didn't come to church because they slept in :/ But they did come to a fireside that night and they were talking with the Bishop and other ward members and had a great time!! They are an awesome family and I absolutely LOVE them!!  So they are doing great and things are coming together for their baptism!  It's such a great feeling to be able to watch someone actually progress towards baptism!!  Anyway, then Josiah was good this week, although he did have a bad day on Saturday and was feeling really low so he told us that he wasn't going to be baptized.  It broke our hearts because he is so ready!!!  So we went over yesterday afternoon and we helped him resolve his concerns and we hope to help him make it to his baptism!  He is having a hard time right now and says he isn't feeling that it it's the right time to be baptized, but we know that if he is baptized he will receive the blessings that he needs to make it through this hard time!  Anyway, we will be working hard to keep him on date!  Then we have some good referrals that we will be contacting this week so that's exciting!  We are still working with Kim and she is ready to make the changes she needs to make to go to the temple, but some of the main things aren't just dependent on her, so she is patiently waiting for things to change.  But she is amazing and we love her!  Then Thursday we were able to go to the temple!!!  It was so amazing!!  As a missionary, going to the temple is just about the greatest thing you can do!  I love it!!!  Other than that, it has been a slower week, but we have been striving to continue to be exactly obedient missionaries and are definitely seeing the blessings!  I hope you all realize how blessed we are to have the gospel in our lives, and that that gratitude will lead you to want to share it with everyone around you!  I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week!!

Sister Zimmerman

Me by my trusty bike!  Don't know why but I think I look so much older here....

 At the temple! I love this Sister!!!
 This was for a project that our zone is doing!  An Elder that is on FB in our mission will be putting them on our FB page!  Check out the Scottsdale Arizona Mission page!  I think that's what it would be called...I wouldn't know! ;)

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