Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 40 1/2 way mark!

Hello Everyone!!

This week has been absolutely AMAZING!!!!  And I hit my 9 month so I'm halfway done!  I still think I have a whole mission left, but sooner or later reality will hit!  I've learned so much already and have SOOO much more to learn!  Anyway, missionary work.  So this week we have been riding our bikes around neighborhoods in our area to street contact from 8 to 9 and then any time in between going to homes of potential investigators, less-actives and so on.  This week we had at least a short conversation with 26 people!!!!!!  I told my STL that I felt like a real missionary this week.  She said "opposed to a fake missionary?"  Haha, what I meant is I just feel like I've finally gotten over myself to just go and do the Lord's work and OPEN MY MOUTH!!  We have met some interesting people for sure!  I love getting to meet so many different people, it's something that I definitely cherish out here!  On to investigators, James and Jeremy are doing great!  AND....their mom participated in both of their lessons this week!!!!!!!!  It was so cool!!  The second lesson she basically bore her testimony on the peace that we can feel from feeling the spirit and how it must feel in the Temple!  Then she told us she would come to church, and she did!  She loved it!  She said that it's so different, but she likes it a lot.  She likes the differences.  She told me that she is just going to stick by us during church so that we can guide her.  Oh, and pretty cool fact: she is originally from a city near Guadalajara but also around the cities that Haley has been serving near!  I got a tie to my twin!!  So fun, just thought I would share!  Then we have Josiah....and HE'S GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!  We are so excited!!  We set it last night, but he set it.  Right now it's set for September 9th, but we may have it earlier, we will just wait and see.  But that is his date for now!  It IS a Tuesday, but that's when he has his two little ones, and he really wants them to be there, so if anyone was confused, that is the explanation!  He is so ready for baptism!  He has a testimony, he comes to church (he hasn't quite made it on time to Sacrament, but we are working on that!), and he accepts every commitment that we extend to him.  I'm so excited that I have been able to see him progress since I've been here!  Then Monica sadly dropped us just today, she thanked us for our time and told us that she would call us up if she wanted to take the lessons again, she just wants to look around in other churches for right now so that she knows what church she really wants to join.  Marie is doing okay...she's still crazy....we may drop her but we are kinda waiting for her next lesson to see where she really is.  Then we have Kim coming to church with her boyfriend, and he is actually opening up a lot because at first Kim said he definitely wasn't going back to church....well...he's come twice! Yay!!  Our next step is getting them to the temple!  We are also going to be working with Shawn on getting to the temple!  It's just been an amazing week and I'm so grateful for this time that I get to be a missionary!  I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week!!!

Sister Zimmerman

 Here are pictures for my 9 month mark!  I burned some socks because I didn't want to burn any clothes....
Well, I crashed on our way out of our apartment Wednesday, but it's all good!  I landed on a pile of rocks..but could have been a lot worse!  First crash on bike! 

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