Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 29

Hello Everyone!
This week has been amazing!!!  It's been so busy and I just love it!!  On Monday we went to a Family Home Evening group that some older couples in the ward have put together.  They were so funny and we had a great time!  We also got a little lesson on a talk from the Ensign!  Then we saw Cazzie at a Rehabilitation center and had a great visit with her!  Then Tuesday we helped out at the community garden where Sister Stevens was paired up with a nonmember who has actually talked to some sister missionaries before.  The next time we see her we are going to invite her to hear the missionary lessons!  Then we visited some members that kidnapped us and bought us lunch.  How rude right? ;)  No, we love them and love visiting with them, especially as they are going through some really hard things right now.  Then Wednesday we had District Meeting and I gave a quick training on Obedience.  I'm a little bit of an obedience nerd....but that's okay, because you learn as a missionary that obedience brings blessings, but EXACT obedience brings miracles and I've seen it!  Then Sister Stevens gave a training on how to teach the Restoration in ten minutes using the proselyting pamphlets that we get.  We've been using it recently, but she did a great job at helping us get better at teaching!  Then we had dinner with some Recent Converts which was really fun.  She is from the Philippines and it was really cool to hear her story about coming over to America!  We also talked about them going through the temple as it's been almost a year since they were baptized!  Then we had another great lesson with Steve.  We asked about his plans to be baptized since neither of us were there when he told the sisters that he wanted to be baptized in August.  We found out that he is really ready to be baptized and is really excited as well!  He's been planning it in his head for a while so that was fun to hear!  Then Thursday we went to the garden again in the morning, then went to lunch with a member, then went with that member to do some service for an older widow in the ward.  We washed all of her outside windows then visited with her.  We had a great time!  Then we saw the Skinners for a short message, then we were kidnapped again by the same members that kidnapped us for lunch!  We had a good time serving them a little around the house!  Then Friday we went to that member's house again to help make breakfast for people that were coming to help clean and move things, then we helped them by cleaning out their chicken coup!  It was fun I suppose! ;)  Then we went to the chiropractor to get one of my ribs popped back into place?  I don't know, all I know is that my back sounded really sick when he popped my back.  Then we went to a wedding that was very interesting.  There weren't many people there, but it was nice!  Then we visited the Rova's and had a great visit with them about the Atonement.  We love sharing that message, it just makes us so happy!  Then Saturday we served some more at the garden then served some members and helped clean out their chicken coup as well!  Then we saw Cazzie again, but only were able to have a short lesson.  Then Sunday we had a stop-smoking lesson with Dianne to get her ready for baptism!  She was so ready, she had already stopped smoking that morning and fasted, and received a blessing to help her stop smoking!  She is too good to be true!!!  Then we saw the Rova's and shared a quick message with them.  It was such a great week and I continue to learn so much about having Christ-like love and being self-less!  I hope you all have a great week!  And participate in missionary work at home!  ;)
Sister Zimmerman

 The Skinners
Top of our church in downtown Show Low

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