Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 30

Hello Everyone!
This week has been crazy busy!!!!!  Oh my goodness, it was long, but fast at the same time.  Monday we met with some recent converts that haven't been coming to church, and still didn't come to church this weekend and weren't at his step-brother's wedding.  So we are going to try to get in contact with them, but we are sad that they are pulling away from the church.  Then we saw Cazzie in the Rehab center.  Then Tuesday I was with Hermana Knouse (a sister in my apartment) in her area while our companions who are STLs were doing exchanges with other sisters.  We had a busy day and were able to teach a few lessons.  Hermana Knouse even taught a lesson in spanish, even though she has only been out for about a month.  It was good!  Then Wednesday we were in my area and we taught a lot of people.  My favorite lesson was a surprise lesson with the members who had us over for dinner.  When we got out of the car, the member told us that they had a coworker of her husband's over who has shown interest in learning more about the church!  So I started the dinner conversation off with asking him about what he was interested in, how open he was to learning more, if he had a religious background, etc.  It turned out to be a really neat lesson, and he really enjoyed it!  We gave him a Book of Mormon, the Restoration pamphlet, and the 20 minute Restoration video that we can pass out.  It was really cool!  We just need to set up another appointment with him!  Then that night we saw an investigator whose wife is less active, and we had the Relief Society president with us who got her information so that we could find her records and put her in our ward!  So that was fun!  Then Thursday we saw some members to support them in their trials, then Sister Stevens drove down with Sister Pew to the valley for their meeting they had on Friday.  Then that night Sister Knouse and I tried contacting some referrals, and the one we tried to contact was an apartment address without the apartment number, so we did a little tracting which was fun!  No one was interested in talking to us, but that's okay!  Then Friday we woke up early and left to a city park to help set up for Show Low days!!  It was fun being able to help in the community!  Then one of the staff members who is a member told us that we should take up a free booth and make a proselyting booth!  So we spread out and some missionaries got tables from the Stake center, then we went with the other sisters to get a tent.  We weren't able to be there while people were actually roaming around, because we went instead with a member to go see some less active members.  The wife is on her death bed....I know this more because I've seen it, and she hasn't eaten anything for two weeks.  So we visited with him for a minute then the Relief Society president gathered all of the dirty dishes in some garbage bags to take home to wash then return them Saturday morning.  Then Saturday morning we were privileged to be able to attend a temple sealing at the Snowflake Temple.  It was a very sweet ceremony and such a cute couple!  It was really fun to be able to see a sealing since I haven't been able to attend a sealing before!  Then we went back to the less active members that we visited Friday and I saw that the Relief Society president had left the clean dishes so I went to work putting them all away and trying to tidy things up a little better.  Then we saw James who was well-behaved which was nice!  We hope that he is understanding better the importance of being baptized.  Then we saw Cazzie who just found out that she will never be able to walk again, and will never leave a Rehabilitation center, and she's only 50 years old.  So we sang her some comforting hymns and told her we would be back soon.  It was hard to listen to her tell us this news.  As a missionary, and I'm sure one day as a mom, I just want to take these burdens away from the people we teach.  Then Sunday was full of church and then visiting with one of our Ward Missionary Leaders and then teaching the Rova's who I love so much!  It has been a wonderful week!  And this week I hit my 7 month mark!  I can't believe how fast the time has gone!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!!  I love you all!!
Sister Zimmerman
 Here is a baby blanket that I finally finished crocheting for a member in Arcadia!  It was a fun blanket to make and is made out of 136 individual squares put together!  ;)

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