Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 33

Hello Everyone!
I'm so sorry that last week's update was so short!  I had too many emails to read and didn't leave enough time to send a long update.  I am doing well though, and am enjoying every minute that I have as a missionary!  These past few days haven't been too exciting.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we spent the majority of the day helping the Cluffs move. So we kept very busy packing and cleaning.  Wednesday though we were able to go to a member's house to help her fill chap stick tubes with homemade chap stick and practice our song that we sang on Sunday!  It was really fun!  And on Thursday night we had an appointment with Cazzie where Sister Stevens ended up getting stolen by a resident who wanted to escape from the Rehabilitation center.  It was pretty funny, mostly because I understood her pain ;)  Then we had a lesson with the Rova's and Sister Stevens and I had the privilege of assisting in carrying a dead bear from a truck bed to a shed in the backyard where they had their Taxidermy shop.  They said it probably weighed about 600 pounds.  I thought it was a privilege to be asked to help since men usually take things from our hands if we are lifting something over 2 pounds.  So that was exciting!  Then Saturday was very busy!  We had a couple from the ward take us out to visit different people in the ward.  We first tried to go to a part-member family's home to serve them because they are fixing up a trailer to live in, but they weren't expecting us so we ended up not being able to help them, but Sister Stevens had a fun time talking to their 28 year old daughter who has Down Syndrome.  She was so cute and so excited to see us!  Then we taught some members the 7-minute Restoration presentation, then we dropped a video off to the Skinners then went to dinner.  Dinner was really good!  We had Fry-bread, which is what we Utahns call scones.  We just put sweet stuff on it and they put meat, beans, rice, lettuce, cheese, etc. on them for a meal.  It was very yummy!  Then we had a little correlation meeting with one of our Ward Mission Leaders, and then went home.  Then Sunday was really good!  In both of our wards they had some youth talk about trek and girls camp.  It's so fun to hear the youth talk about how their perspective changed after going to an activity that they really didn't want to go on.  It was very nice.  Then we came home and then went to dinner then walked to a member's home where we saw Shera which was amazing!  She happened to be at her family's house when we went there, so it was so good to see her after we haven't had much contact in about a month!  Then we walked to our lesson with the Rova's and taught them about the Millennium which is just a really cool lesson.  So it's been a very busy weekend, and we are loving it!  I hope you all have a great 4th of July weekend!  I love you all!
Sister Zimmerman
This me with Belle, one of the Cluff's horses.  We can't ride horses, but we can give them some love!  She is a very good horse!
Sister Stevens and I with the Cluff's after we finally got everything out of the house!  They were worth all of our effort! :)

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