Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 31

This week has been crazy!  On Tuesday, Sister Knouse and I ended up covering both of our areas because our companions were both needed in White River with some sisters.  So we had a plenty busy day!  We ended up seeing the less active couple with the woman who was close to passing away.  She definitely had the death rattle, so I knew that she would be passing soon, and sure enough she passed away early the next morning.  It was good to be able to visit him and hopefully comfort him during this time in his life.  Then on Wednesday we had a Zone Conference combined with the Snowflake zone.  It was a great conference!  They designed it to where we taught ourselves, instead of our mission president and his wife, and the assistants teaching us.  We talked about how to overcome pride, doubting our faith, and something else that I can't remember right now.  But it was just very helpful for all of us.  Then we had lunch and then did a session in the Snowflake temple.  We had approx. 70 people in that session, and it is a tiny temple, so we filled the entire room!  It was pretty fun!  It was just neat to be in a temple session with so many missionaries!  Then we took pictures and went to dinner before going to a lesson with Steve Price.  We had a great lesson with him, and they surprised us on Sunday by coming to our Show Low 1st ward where they actually belong!  It was so exciting to see them!  Our lesson was even on keeping the Sabbath Day holy!  Then Thursday I was on an exchange with Sister Pew.  She is an amazing missionary and just made me feel so good about myself.  It's been a trying couple of months, but it was good to hear from someone that they were proud of the way I am dealing with everything and am proud of my efforts as a missionary.  Then Friday we had dinner with a less active member and had a great conversation with her, and she is letting us come clean her windows tomorrow so we are excited to be able to serve her!  Then we saw Cazzie and had a great visit with her, and tried to answer her questions about the introduction to the Book of Mormon.  Then on Saturday we saw the Skinners, and set a baptism date for July 5th!  He needs to quit smoking, but we are hoping that he will be ready to be baptized on that day!  And I completely forgot that Steve set a date for November 8th!  I sure hope I'm even here for that!  But we are excited that he finally set a date to be baptized!  Then we saw the Cluffs and were then kidnapped for ice cream that night.  Sunday was good as usual, and we had a surprise investigator come to church with her daughter who was baptized a year or so ago.  It was a great day for people coming to church!  It's been a great week and we hope for an even better week this week!  We find out transfer news this weekend and hope that we get to stay together!  I love you all!
Sister Zimmerman
 Snowflake Temple
 I know this isn't the best picture, but I had to get a picture with Sister Stevens and Sister Heap, because Sister Heap happened to train both of us!  And it was a crazy windy day up at the temple!
Sister Stevens and I after doing a session at the Snowflake temple! I really struggled keeping my eyes opened....

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