Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 7

Hey everyone!! This week was good!  It was a little rough, however.  With people gone or busy with family, we were unlucky with getting appointments.  But on Tuesday night we had an amazing lesson with an investigator named Christie.  We didn't have anywhere to go on Christmas Eve, so she said that we could come over to her house.  We were so excited because she has been coming to church for the past 5 weeks but hasn't let us teach her at her house.  So this was our opportunity and we snatched it!  We ate dinner then started talking about where she is at in her level of interest in the gospel.  She told us that she really liked church and that she really wants to move into our area so that she can be in our ward.  She currently is just outside of our area but is actively seeking for a house in our ward boundaries.  She also has a son named Jackson and he is enjoying church which is a big plus for her!  We invited her to read the first chapter of First Nephi and invited her to the Mesa Temple lights!  The temple lights were awesome!  They were so pretty and so much more enjoyable to look at when it wasn't absolutely freezing! :)  Don't worry everyone, I'll soak in all the summer rays for y'all! ;)  We also had a good Christmas!  It was great being able to talk to our families and Sister Heap and I were able to introduce each other to our families!  Then the rest of the afternoon we caroled to people and took a tour of an enormous house in our area which was fun!  We were able to sing to two widows and a recent convert then we came back to the Stake Center for a Zone activity and we watched Ephraim's Rescue which was a really good boost out here on the mission!  There were messages in that movie that I felt like we all needed to hear.  I mean, what better influences on missionaries for perseverance than the pioneers?  The rest of the week we had exchanges and took care of a sick sister in our Zone.  We have been busy just not in teaching lessons.  But if we don't help each other, than we can't save souls.  It's been a good week.  Anyone who is reading this, please go and give just one referral to the missionaries.  So many souls will be given the opportunity to receive the gospel if you do this!  I love you all!  Have a happy new year and stay sober! (says the 96-year old widow in our ward) :)
 Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning

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