Monday, December 9, 2013

This week has been good!  We haven't had much success getting any appointments in the afternoon which is hard, but we keep trying and working hard to find people to teach.  We are also supposed to be teaching wtih members present, but we have been having difficulty finding members that aren't busy that are also willing to come with us to lessons.  There are just a lot of members that work, and our investigators also work so we just find it a little bit difficult but will be trying harder every week to get more members present at our lessons.  Our baptism for Saturday postponed until the 21st because the Bishop was out of town this weekend and she wanted him and his wife to be there, and she wanted more friends and family there to support her, so we will keep praying for her that she will continue living righteously so that she can be baptized on the 21st.  We are also working with a less active member that works Sundays so we are trying to commit her to getting Sundays off or getting a new job so that she can come to church again.  She also has an 18 year old daughter that isn't a member that we are working with.  She is very sweet and she wants to come to church, but it is hard for her to commit when she doesn't really have anyone to go with, so I will keep everyone updated on them!  Then yesterday we visited a nonmember who had been taught the Restoration and Sister Heap said it was a really spiritual experience, but time ran out and they weren't able to extend a baptismal invitation.We were able to talk then about the blessings of being baptized and how we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost who can help guide us in what to do in our daily lives.  After talking some more about this, Sister Heap extended the baptismal invitation and she said yes immediately!  We set the date for the 28th of December but she works on Sundays and she needs to come to 2 Sundays to be we are going to be praying really hard for her.  Miracles happen though on a mission, so I have confidence that we can get her baptized which would make 2 baptisms for December which is amazing!  I really can't believe how blessed I have been to be companions with Sister Heap!  She is wonderful and very patient!  I have had a hard time staying awake some days and she is caring enough to ask if I need a nap, which I usually do or else I will only be less effective and that's just not good.  But she has taught me a lot in just the two weeks that we have been together!  I love this work so much!! I love feeling the Spirit guide us as we teach lessons and how He helps to discern which lesson to teach who, or if we aren't able to share a scripture, we know what to say in the prayers that we share with them.  This work is amazing and I am just so happy!!! 


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