Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Week 6

This week has been good!  On Tuesday, Sister Heap had to go on an exchange with another Sister Training Leader who needed some help so I was with her companion for most of the day.  It was okay, we didn't get too many lessons in that day though.  But later that night, we were able to meet with a new couple who is investigating the church!  They are absolutely awesome I love them!  They aren't really practicing any religion right now, but they were missionaries for 35 years!  They would just get different churches and companies to fund missions in different areas in the world!  They've been to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and other places I think.  So they are very nice people!  He is a school bus driver and one of his coworkers has been teaching him all about our gospel!  She has given him two of the three Work and the Glory movies and he has watched all of them and finds them very interesting and enjoys them a lot!  She is holding the third one over his head so if he comes to church, he can have it!  I want to meet this lady, she's awesome. :)  His wife is great also and is a caregiver at an assisted living I think?  So we actually have a lot in common!  We had a really good conversation about the Restoration and we had a Recent Convert come with us to help us teach them!  He did a great job and it helped a lot to have him there at the lesson to share his conversion story and testimony about different gospel principles!  So that was a great lesson and we left feeling fulfilled being missionaries!  I love this gospel so much!!! The other days we didn't teach too many lessons, but we kept trying anyway! On Saturday we had my first baptism and Sister Heap's 11th baptism!!! So crazy!!!! But it was so good!  The spirit was so strong and she came up out of the water looking so so happy!  I had a good time trying to remember that even 11 years ago!  Such a wonderful experience!  She is a really shy person so we couldn't get a picture with her but we will try to get a picture with her soon!  Then we had our Stake Christmas Musical Fireside Saturday and Sunday!  Not too many people came on Saturday, but there were lots on Sunday which was good!  It was a wonderful concert and will include pictures of the chapel it was so pretty!  It was like a mini motab concert!  Our ward has been blessed with some pretty talented singers so they had lots of duets and solos and there was a string ensemble and a harpist who played Still, Still, Still.   It was amazing!!  This week was good but very busy!  We also had Zone Conference this week which was very good!  They talked about helping ourselves as far as stress goes and health-wise.  That was needed for a few people in our Zone.  We also talked about how everything testifies of Christ and it is absolutely amazing!  I LOVE being a missionary!  This time of year is just amazing and the spirit is so strong!  I love you all!!!

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