Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This week has been amazing!  First of all before I forget, we just got an email from the President informing us that we have been invited to a tri-mission conference on January 11 and Elder Holland is speaking!!!! It's going to be absolutely amazing!!!!!  I am so so excited as are the rest of us that got the exciting news!!  So that was exciting to read before emailing!  We are meeting with an investigator named Maria.  She is amazing and so ready to learn about the Gospel!  Every time we sit down with her, she gets out a notebook and pen and her Book of Mormon and Bible.  She is just so incredibly ready to learn she is a miracle.  My testimony of our Heavenly Father preparing His children to receive the gospel has grown each time we sit down to teach her!  Unfortunately she didn't come to church yesterday so we won't be able to baptize her on the 28th of December, but we will be baptizing her on January 4 for sure!  We were able to teach her the Plan of Salvation, the Word of Wisdom, and Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and she was so receptive to it and we also had a member present!  I challenge each of you to free up your time to go with the missionaries to just one lesson this month.  It helps so much to have a member with us when we teach because they are able to testify about the things we teach and they have at least one person that they then know from their ward.  I challenge you all to participate in this wonderful work!  I promise that it will fill your heart with much joy and happiness!  We weren't able to meet with Sarah this week who is getting baptized this Saturday because she has been out of town for work but she is still working toward her baptism date so this Saturday will be amazing!!  On Friday we were able to do a session with 3 Zones in the Mesa Temple!  It is such a beautiful temple!  I can't wait to go back!  We only get to go once every other transfer because the temple is out of our mission.  But it's still better than other missionaries so I won't complain!  It was a wonderfully spiritual experience and we were able to sit in the Celestial room for quite a while afterwards!  This gospel simply brings me so much joy!  Then Saturday we had our Ward Christmas party!  The Relief Society went above and beyond with the decorations it was so fancy and everyone had a wonderful time!  We had a less-active couple come and everyone loved them!  We also had an investigator come with her son, they are investigating the church and have come to church the past month but won't let us teach them yet, but we were invited to spend Christmas Eve with them so we are excited for that opportunity!  We also got a less-active member and her daughter to come to church with us on Sunday because the mom didn't have to work!  They had a wonderful time and the mom was crying good tears after Sunday School!  It is so wonderful seeing their progress in the church!  Yesterday we were able to go decorate Don's tree!  He has been a member for just a few months and is 86 years old so we told him we would come over and help him put about 1,000 ornaments on his tree!  Sister Heap and I were very happy to have had that opportunity!  Next week we have Zone Conference and we have a Stake Christmas Concert this weekend that they expect about 900 people to attend to each week.  I'm very excited for that!  Oh and one of our investigators named Terri was put in the hospital this week because of an absessed tooth and they ended up pulling 12 teeth.  It's been a crazy week!  I love you all and pray for you daily!  Please get involved in Missionary work!   You won't regret it!

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