Monday, December 2, 2013

First Week

Hello everyone!
This week has been good and different.  I had P-day on Wednesday then Thursday was Thanksgiving, then we had a three-hour long weekly planning session on Friday.  So The only "average" day as a missionary I have had was Saturday.  We went to a Turkey bowl on Thursday for our ward but they played Soccer instead of Football.  Apparently some 35 years ago they started the tradition of playing Soccer instead of Football because that way, the kids can play so that the kids don't get run over by the dads when playing Football.  We showed up in jeans and a sweatshirt so we had to go back to our apartment to change so we could actually play.  They told us we were on the kids team until we returned for our mission, and Sister Heap scored a goal!  The score ended up being 4-3 for the adults so we did pretty good!  Then we went to go see an investigator who is getting baptized this Saturday!  She is awesome I love her!!  She is single and 30 I think.  She was taught all of the lessons then even had her baptismal interview before setting up a date with us.  But, she definitely knows what she is getting into so it was just a really good visit!  Then later we visited three members and had one dinner!  I am so proud of us for not eating at every investigator's house and not eating too much at the one house we did go to!  It was a good Thanksgiving, just very different.  I don't want to know what Christmas will be like.  But we do get to go help some people decorate for Christmas I'm so excited!!!  Then we had a District meeting where my Companion spoke on Patience, Charity, and Love.  It was really good then we played some more Dodgeball until we had to go home and plan for the next day.  Friday was interesting.  After studying, we had to go to the church to talk about our religion to a group of 200 people in scouting on a Ten Commandments Hike.  They have different churches talk about different Commandments and the people at the church explain a little about their religion.  We got bombarded by questions which was good.  I think it shows how much publicity the church has had recently to make people so curious about what the LDS church is all about!  After we passed out cards to those who looked receptive and some handouts to the Mesa Temple lights.  It was good and a little terrifying!! :)  Saturday was a trying day.  It was hard to find people home and willing to let us share a message.  But later we stopped by and walked with DeeDee (an investigator) to a baptism that one of the Elder's had.  It took us about 40 minutes to walk there so we missed the actual baptism but got there for a bit of a talk and the man getting welcomed into the High Priest group because he was old enough.  So that was good and it was nice to be able to talk to DeeDee alone without her mom or her little brothers running around.  Yesterday I got to go to church for the first time in the field!!  We both bore our testimonies which was fun then we also talked to some Elders about how to be a part of missionary work.  It was a good day, the ward will be great I'm excited to get to know more of them!  Then late last night we visited an investigator.  We were there for an hour and a half which isn't supposed to happen.  45 minutes max is the suggestion for a lesson time.  It was so long because she has a hard time accepting the Priesthood and the fact that you can't have the gift of the Holy Ghost until you are baptized.  We didn't get very far, other than her husband told us that he would take of a Sunday if we went to his church first.  We have to talk about the President about that one, but it would be cool to try out?  This family could be so awesom and so blessed if they joined the church, they just keep getting stuck on little facts and such.  So it just ended up being a long night.  After this week, I love missionary work even more though!  It is such a blessing to see the change the gospel can make in people's lives!  I encourage everyone to try to participate!!

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