Thursday, January 9, 2014

Week 8
This week was very bitter sweet.  Being a missionary of course is one of the sweet things!  Honestly, I'm so sad that I've already been out for 8 weeks and that my time will soon be up, but I try my hardest to make every day count!  This past week was very busy!  We had to do a few different exchanges and we had other things to take care of as well so we didn't get much proselyting done until Wednesday.  But on Wednesday we saw Maria again!  I know I mentioned her before.  She is a golden investigator!  We had a baptism set up and everything then she dropped us over text and hadn't been able to meet with her for about two weeks.  But Wednesday we went to visit her on a whim and she was there!  Yay!  We really were so excited!  When we started talking she said she actually missed us which is good to hear!  Then we got down to the nitty gritty about why she didn't want to get baptized and turns out her main concern is that she feels like she doesn't need to be baptized because she has been baptized into multiple different churches.  We talked her through it and she decided that she just wanted to go to church and keep listening to the discussions.  Problem was that she didn't come to church so hopefully next week!  We will be visiting her tomorrow!  Then on Saturday we went to the Seventh-day Adventist church!  We made a deal that if we went to the Hankin's church then they would come to our church!  So we went to their church for an hour.  It was a very interesting experience!  There was a lot of singing and different pastors talked.  The last pastor talked about what Christ has done for US.  It was really good and he shared a lot of good experiences that he has had in his life!  It was definitely a different experience going to a different church while on a mission but I'm so glad that we had that opportunity!  The people there were so nice and very welcoming to us!  Then on Sunday like they promised, the Hankins came to church.  It was Fast and Testimony meeting of course so they thought it was a little odd.  They stayed for Sunday School and the lesson was on eternal families and I think it was really good for them to listen to that lesson!  We also had some less-active members attend church who havent' come to church in the time that Sister Heap had been there!  So that was really good and it made Sister Heap happy to see them there.  Then Monday we went out visiting many different people because Sister Heap finally got transferred out of our area that she has been in for 9 months.  Then we had the opportunity to go out with the arriving missionaries to TTI in different areas.  We went down to Old Town Scottsdale and placed TWO copies of the Book of Mormon and got one referral!  It was amazing and the Sister that I went out with made a really cool connection with the last lady that we talked to for about a half hour!  Turns out that the lady had seen an LDS temple in Washington which happens to be the temple that the Sister had just received her Endowment from!  She was on a spiritual high after that I was so happy for her!  Then Tuesday we had transfer meeting!  I am really sad that Sister Heap left me but my new companion who will be finishing my 12-week training is Sister Fairbanks.  She is from California, is 23, and has been to 3 years of college at BYU.  She is really neat and was ready to just drop off her luggage and go proselyting.  We had a great day yesterday and taught two lessons to Less-active members.  I am very excited about this next transfer!  I challenge you all to read from the Book of Mormon every day!  I will promise you that you will have the strength to face any challenges that you face in life!  I love you all!!!!!

 My new companion - Sister Fairbanks

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