Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 9

This week was very busy but y'all know what happened at the beginning of the week because my p-day was late!  Anyway Thursday was busy but we were only able to have one lesson.  We helped that member vacuum so we were happy to have some service!  She is a less-active that got baptized 8 months ago and she came to church on Sunday so we were very happy about that!  Friday we met with another less-active member and taught about going to the temple and the interview process to get a recommend.  She is trying to quit smoking and actually bought an electric cigarette to quit smoking gradually.  It is so good to see her actively try to quit smoking!  Some people don't even make steps toward quitting but she really has the heart to go to the temple and it makes me so happy!  We also met with a young girl who has had a really rough past and we tried to teach her about how there is a God out there and he is our Father in Heaven and he loves us.  Unfortunately some events in her life have lead her to become numb to feeling the joy that we feel from knowing that someone out there really does love us.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and hopefully she will gain a desire to read it!  We also had a very interesting lesson with a man who is Seventh-day Adventist.  We talked about how there is another testament of Christ and it's the Book of Mormon.  We also shared passages that show that God didn't just give us one book of dealings with one set of people.  We were able to extend an invitation to the Gilbert Temple Open House!  Saturday was busy with different lessons one of which was with a family who has been taught for almost 6 months.  We had a High Priest come with us and explain the Priesthood to the family which is a stumbling block for them.  He helped so much and I am personally so grateful for the Priesthood holders in my own life!  The Priesthood is a wonderful gift that we all get to partake of!  Then Sunday we had PEC and were able to discuss the needs of our investigators and less-active members and our auxiliaries are very helpful when it comes to them so that's always comforting!  We also met with our Ward missionary council about how to use the Gilbert Temple Open House as a tool to help invite people to learn more about our church.  This gospel is perfect and I know that it is true!  I challenge you all to find opportunities to just INVITE people to hear about the wonderful gospel that we have all been blessed with!  I love you all!!!
                               Cute boys we teach! One is 7yr. then there's a set of 6yr.old twins

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