Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 11

This week was another slow week, although we were busy with other items of business.  We have been visiting at least one widow a week so that has been fun and we have been finding success in referrals from them!  So even though I am away from my oldies back home, I am finding joy serving our widows here! :)  Also, this week I extended my first baptism invite!  It didn't really feel like my first invite because we practice inviting people to be baptized all the time, but it was so cool!  They denied the invitation, but it was still very cool and they considered it!  She hasn't been to church yet, but he has so we will keep working with them!  It will be a slower process because she is a caregiver and works every day so we don't have lessons very frequently.  Anyway that was exciting!  It was hard to extend because we were already over on our time limit, but it was our third lesson with them and we needed to extend the invite and I felt the Spirit help me to get out the invite so that was pretty neat!  We were also able to meet with Maria this week!  She has a lot of questions that need answering, but we were unable to answer all of them in one sitting so we set up a time the next day to come visit.  We showed up with a member who lives in her complex, but she was sick so we couldn't teach her.  Cool note though, when we talked to her on Wednesday, she said that she actually came to church a couple of weeks ago!  She went at 8 though, so she missed church.  Since no one was there, she picked up a book from our wall of materials that people can take, then left.  So, she tried but we will have to wait for another week when she can actually come to the full three hours!  She was unable to come this Sunday because she was still sick, but we will get her there next week!  Then on Friday we had interviews with President Sweeney and weekly planning and District Meetings!  We were there from 8 in the morning till 4:30 in the afternoon.  It was a long day to say the least, but it was also very good!  My interview went very well!  I had to teach him the Restoration in 5 minutes, but only got through about 3 points of the Restoration in those 5 minutes!  5 minutes goes by so fast when you're trying to teach a lesson!  Then I told him about a "weapon of war" that I wanted to bury and a lot of it involves my thoughts and trying to stay focused on missionary work!  We have quite a bit of time where we can think to ourselves, and it is very easy to become distracted by thoughts of home and other such things!  Then Sunday our investigators didn't come again, but a recent convert of almost a year had her baby blessed this week so that was exciting!  The spirit was so strong!  The priesthood is amazing!  It makes me so sad when we teach people and they don't believe in the priesthood or that it has been restored, because it is such a wonderful blessing that we have!  I hope you are all inviting your friends and neighbors to listen to the missionaries and the wonderful message we have to share with them!  Don't let them miss out on what makes you so happy!  I love you all!!!
 Beautiful Arizona
Our mission car!
 I ran across a quote this week  that I really liked:
If you keep living your days for tomorrows, you're going to end up with a lot of empty I have been trying to apply that in my life!  

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