Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 12

This week was WONDERFUL!!  It had it's struggles as usual, but I am trying to be as faithful as I possibly can be, and there will be miracles on the horizon!  On Monday, we had a few lessons and we visited one Recent Convert of almost a year who had her baby blessed on Sunday and we gave her our notes that we took of the blessing.  Then Tuesday was wonderful!  I think it was a long afternoon, but I can't remember the bad things ;)  But Tuesday night we went to check up on a family that we had talked to a few weeks ago and she kept saying that we came at the perfect time and she felt like something was really missing from their family, and really admired the LDS church, but her husband told us he wasn't going to be converted then left.  So Tuesday, we visited her, and she had had a surgery that weekend, so the husband answered the door, and we reminded him about the Gilbert Temple Open House, and he told us that he was planning to go with his nanny and her new husband who were married in the temple recently.  Then he told us that they would love for us to come back at a better time because he was busy being a single parent until his wife recovered from her surgery.  I wanted to shout for joy when we left their house because I KNEW that Heavenly Father had a hand in softening his heart!  I'm so excited for them!  Then we weren't' able to see Maria this week, but that's what this week is for!  ;)  Then Wednesday we had a lesson with an 18 year old that has had a really rough childhood.  She was treated really badly by her mom, and was essentially kicked out three months ago and now lives with her dad who is a drummer for a club so he works all night and sleeps during the day so she doesn't really see him.  But we took a young woman who is 18 and they connected so well it was wonderful!  If anything that came out of that lesson, this young girl now has a friend so that was great!  Then on Thursday while I was in a different area on an exchange, Sister Fairbanks and Sister Hubmann went to visit a less-active couple in our ward that we love so much and they want to change and start coming back to church!  Turns out that she was a smoker although we never knew, but on Thursday she told Sister Fairbanks that it had been 9 days since she had smoked, and she believes it is because she went to church on Sunday!  It was so good to hear that!!  Oh and on Wednesday we saw Felita outside while we were going to sneakily drop off a Triple Combination for her!  She wanted to come to the temple Thursday, but that fell through because of her husband, so PLEASE keep her in her prayers!!!  She is such a wonderful person and deserves the very best!  Unfortunately, her current situation won't permit that, so all we can do is pray for her!  Then on Saturday we were able to go through the Gilbert Temple with the Hankins family!!  We were a little worried it wouldn't turn out, but they came, even though they were much later than we got there!  But they LOVED it and she has a lot of questions for us!  Hopefully we can answer them, but if anything, the spirit will testify to her of the truth of our message!  We are working with such wonderful people and our goal now is to baptize 8 people in March!!  We want to baptize the Leiber family and the Hankins family in March!  So if you could say a prayer for those two families in particular, that would be WONDERFUL!!!  Keep being walking testimonies!  Remember that this is the time for members and missionaries to work TOGETHER!!  I love you all!!! Thank you for all of your support!! 

Here is a baby blanket that I crocheted at different random "free" times for the baby that got blessed last sunday.
 This is me with the mom and the baby and the blanket!
This is the Gilbert temple that we went to on Saturday!  It is soooo beautiful!!

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