Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 14

This week was sooooo good!!  On Monday, after getting back from errands I went on a cleaning frenzie...nothing new there ;)  Then we visited the Hankins family and Mike (the husband) asked for a Book of Mormon!!!!  Terri has one, but he didn't have one and hasn't accepted one so far!  He was talking to Sister Fairbanks while I talked to Terri and they got into the discussion of if you want to find out if what we are telling you is true, read the Book of Mormon and pray about it to find out if it is true!!  So that was awesome, then we had a lesson with a lady named Heidi who is almost 50 but doesn't look anywhere close to it!  She does hot yoga, and that is basically her religion is what she says!  So we said we would come back later to get to know her better!  Then Tuesday we had a get-to-know-you with an investigator named Terri O'Shaughnessy.  She is awesome!  She knows a lot about the church from coworkers and friends and hasn't really acted on any knowledge although she really admires us Mormons.  So when her dad passed away this fall, she decided she needed something solid to rely on, so she chose to rely on her Heavenly Father.  She has made a goal with her sister to read the Bible and/or Book of Mormon (!!!!!!!!!!!!) every day for 10 min or up to an hour even!! So, she is converting herself and we are very excited to see what happens with her and if she will come to church soon!!  Then we went to see Danny, and his mom gave us back the Book of Mormon because the print was too small for him to read, so that was sad :(  Then that night we had a Relief Society activity and Meiwan came!  And after we gave her a church tour so that she would be more familiar with our building when she comes to church!  She also met the Bishop, which was great!  Then Wednesday we met with a less-active that we hope finishes her reading assignment soon!  We also visited a Recent Convert who gave us little heart necklaces and cookies for valentines day!  He is such a sweetheart!  (don't worry, he is 86).  We also received a referral for a girl named Heather and contacted her that night!  She is sooo cute!!  She has been married to her husband for 6 years, they moved just last week from Las Vegas, he is now going into culinary school, and she is a massage therapist!  We also found out that they have been talking about finding a church to go to!  Good thing we came just in time! :)  Then Thursday we stayed in all day because Sister Fairbanks had the stomach flu....don't worry I haven't gotten it..yet..prayers would be appreciate.  So I crocheted and listened to General Conference and listened to almost all of 2 Nephi!  Then Friday she was still sick, but was able to come with us to "heart attack" our mission president's office for Valentines day!  It was really fun and he really enjoyed it!  Then we came home to rest some more, then with lots of insistence from Sister Fairbanks, we saw an older widow in our ward to see how she was doing, then we had dinner, then visited with Meiwan....she wasn't feeling too well by the end of all that :(  Then Saturday we went to a baptism of a YSA that Sister Fairbanks had met her first day out in the field!  And Meiwan came to that as well!  She had some questions, so we set up an appointment for later that night.  At night, we had the lesson with Meiwan and brought a member from our ward.  The member was a little frustrated because Meiwan likes to talk a lot and has a lot of questions, too many all at once, so it wasn't that productive, but we did invite her to watch the 20 minute video of the Restoration!  Then Sunday we had PEC, then no one came to church, then we had Ward Missionary Correlation, then we were able to visit with some kids who were baptized last year.  We talked about Family History work, and they were so excited it was awesome!!  Add technology to anything and kids will jump right on board!  But really, they are very excited to learn more about their ancestors!  Then we had a lesson with Heidi and a member from our ward!  When we got there, Heidi had friends over, one who knows the Bible inside and out, and has read the whole Book of Mormon.  She has her own views so she left to go to bed because of work the next morning.  Then we were able to talk to Heidi some more and clear things up that she had heard about the church.  She was very open to what we had to say and stayed on gospel topics really well, which seems to be a miracle sometimes!   Then Monday we had another lesson with Meiwan, which went much better!  She understood the Restoration really well after watching the video!  Then later that night we were trying to contact people, and there was a flyer for someone who was making and selling jewelry in an apartment so we decided to go check it out and have a reason to contact someone!  We hope to see her again, she was really nice!  Then yesterday, we saw a less-active with a very hyper and large dog that drooled all over us...that was fun!  Then we saw Don and started going over the Book of Mormon stories with him!  This week has been great!!!!!  We have seen soooooo  many miracles!!  Thank you for all of your prayers!!  Oh, and we didn't get a third companion, we are both staying in our area, and for good reasons I am starting to see!  I love you all!! Hope you had a great week!

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