Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Week 15

Wow, another AMAZING week has just occurred!!! ;)  Wednesday I was prompted to see a referral from the previous week since we hadn't seen her the day before, and as we were going to see her, we ran into another potential investigator named Johnny who has coworkers that are LDS and we had a great talk with him and he asked for the information to come to church!  He didn't come, but he was more open than when we talked to him before so that was great! Then we saw the person we were going to and she has picked up the Book of Mormon and likes it and has talked to her husband about being more open to listening to what we have to say!  We also saw a potential investigator that we have written down for a few months and finally saw him!  He isn't interested in changing his views, but hey, we now know who he is!  We also saw the Bauers and talked to her about her job and she wants to work with her husband now as a bus driver so she has the weekends off and can come to church!  So please pray for Lori Bauer to get a new job!!  Then Thursday we had an abbreviated District Meeting that went well then we saw two less-active members in the afternoon that we have also been trying to see for a few months!!!  That was awesome!  The first one we rescheduled a time to see her this week and bring her visiting teacher to meet her!  The second we shared a scripture with her about the atonement and she said she was going to leave her copy of the BoM out so that she could read it later!  Then later that night we visited another less-active who we wanted to get to know better, and hopefully we can figure out how to help her!  Then we saw another less-active in the ward who hasn't been to church in a lot of years, and who I saw a week or so before Christmas before she was going to bring her husband home from an Assisted Living.  At first her response to us was "it's a little late for you to be here, but you can come in I guess" but then as we showed that we cared about her and our concern for her husband's welfare, as we left she said "thanks a million!  God bless you!" Miracles I'm telling you!  Then Friday we saw Sarah on our way to someone's house, and that was a miracle because we haven't been in contact with her for over a week because she has been sick!  She is much better now and we are going to visit with her tonight!  Then Saturday we were going to visit another less-active in the ward, and his mom answered and let us in because she thought we were the police?  Anyway, she told us she was Catholic and so was her son, but by the end she accepted the Book of Mormon and marked where we wanted her to read and said we could see her this week!  Miracle!!!!! Then we saw Alexis and....just pray for Alexis.  She has a really hard life right now and could use all the prayers she can get.  Then we saw Meiwan and had a lesson with her and she told us when she moves she wants to have lessons with us at her neighbors house!  Then she came to church on Sunday!  Then we also saw a less-active lady who we have been trying to see for a while and it was great getting to know her and we hope to establish a relationship with her again!  Then we saw Terri.....please pray for her and for us to know what we can do to strengthen her testimony...she is basically trying to disprove the Book of Mormon is true to find out if it is true....and she thinks it is false right now.  Then Sunday we just saw a widow in our ward who was hurt earlier in the week then saw a less-active family who we haven't visited with altogether but we did last night!! We had a great conversation with them and they might take us out to dinner this week!!  Please try your best to be member missionaries!  Offer your homes for lessons and just offer your friendship!  Remember what our church is all about-love of Christ! :) I hope you all have a great week!!

Beautiful Arizona sunsets! With Sis. Fairbanks

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