Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 75

Hello Everyone!

Well, this week was pretty good and started off pretty busy!!  Monday evening and last night we were able to have some good Family Home Evening lessons with Mel, and that was exciting!  We hope to help him progress, he truly is such an amazing person!  Then on Tuesday I had the chance to go on an exchange with Sister Martinez and it was really fun!!  We got to do service in the morning, and that was fun as usual!  Then we had a really cool lesson that evening with a new investigator that they have in their YSA ward and he is so prepared!  It was really cool to be a part of that lesson.  Then on Wednesday we were able to to see a less-active that was in one of my old wards, but we never got to have a lesson with her before she moved over into one of my new wards!  I still think it's weird how I've followed some of these people over from my old area!  Anyway, she is a really sweet sister and we hope to help her to become active again!  Then we saw Jesse and Jessica, and we love them so much!!  They are less-active, and we were going to go over the lessons again with them, but we ended up talking about the Plan of Salvation which I just LOVE teaching!!  It was really cool and he told us that it really helped to solidify his testimony of the Plan of Salvation!! :)  Then on Thursday we were able to see Brent again and it was a really cool lesson!  We had been trying to see him earlier in the week because we didn't see him at church, but we finally got to him on Thursday, and his daughter was there who is also less-active.  We just taught a simple lesson on feeling of God's love as we read from the scriptures, and afterward his daughter told us that we stopped in at the perfect time to teach them, and that is just about the best thing you can hear on your mission! :)  Then we taught McKinley and she is doing well, she probably won't be able to be baptized for a while because her mom is having a baby in about a week, but she is progressing really well, so she should be really ready for when she gets baptized!  We then taught her cousin who is 10 and that was a good lesson, she's a really sweet girl.  Then we had a lesson with a 12-year old girl in the elder's area who had been referred to us because they requested sisters.  It was a really cool lesson, we asked her when she wanted to be baptized, and she blurted out "May 14th!"  so we are really excited for her!  We did ask again though if they would be okay with elders, and they said yes so the elders will pick up where we left off, but we are still excited for her!  Then we saw Jeff on Friday and he is doing really well!  He told us that he is on track to go to the temple in June so we are really excited for him!  Then this weekend I was sick, so we were in most of the weekend, but I did get out to do some service for a nonmember, although it probably made me worse, but I was happy that we go to do it!  Then on Friday and Saturday we got last minute calls to speak in two of our wards, so....I spoke in 2/3 wards yesterday, and Sister Call got to speak in all three wards because we had a previous assignment for one ward!  So yesterday was exciting and very long.  And of course if you know me, you won't be surprised that I started dosing off during our last sacrament meeting.....oh well people got a laugh out of it! :)  Anyway, it's been a great week and I hope that you all have a great week as well!!

Much love,
Sister Zimmerman
 The Girths!  I love this couple SO MUCH!!!  I got to see them on exchanges and it was so good!
Sister Martinez and I after exchanges!  Love this sister!  Oh, and the Girths gave us these necklaces after we left!  They are so sweet!!

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