Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Week 72

Hello Everyone!!

Well, it's my last transfer and if you're wondering, I still can't really comprehend it, and that's how I feel about it! ;)  Anyway, I am with a new companion, Sister Call, and she is so great!!!  I was actually in the same apartment with her for her first two transfers!!  So, I'm really excited!  I am also a Sister Training Leader, so that should be interesting!  Oh, and I am going to be serving in three new wards!  My old wards were given to three different sets of missionaries, so that was kind-of sad, but it will be good!  So, this past week was pretty good!  We were able to see the Fabians a few times and they are doing pretty good, we were able to watch some General Conference with them on Saturday morning, so that was fun!  We were also able to see Kilee this week and she is still on track for baptism!!!  I am soooo excited for her to be baptized!!!!  Then on Wednesday morning and this past Monday morning, we were able to wear scrubs in the temple and help move furniture so that they could get the carpets steamed!  Then we helped put it back, it was such a neat experience, and I was so grateful that I had that opportunity to serve in the temple in a different way!  Then Wednesday we had a lesson with Meghan and our elders joined us because they will be taking that ward now.  We were also able to help her rip up her carpet on Saturday with the elders so that was fun!  I love being able to do service projects!!! :)  Then we saw Ashley and she is doing so well, I'm so grateful for all that she has taught me!  She keeps going strong and is headed in the right direction!  Then Thursday evening I left with some sisters down to the valley for a special MLC.  That meeting was on Friday and it was really good!  We learned some good lessons to be applied in different aspects of missionary work!  Then we traveled back and had a transition lesson with a less-active couple and it went well!  Then Saturday and Sunday we were able to watch conference and I was so grateful that we were able to listen to our leaders in the church!  I absolutely loved the messages that we heard, and I hope that you were all able to receive revelation from our Heavenly Father!  Then on Sunday Sister Boss left to the valley with Sister Moser and I was with Sister Flake until Sister Call got here!  We mostly spent a lot of time getting ready for our areas to be white-washed and get her apartment cleaned up for the new sisters to move in!  But last night we were able to have a really cool lesson with a new part-member family that just moved in!  I hope that we can keep working with them!!  It's been a great week and I hope that you have all been able to watch and enjoy the BecauseOfHim video!  I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!

Sister Zimmerman
 My new companion Sis. Call :D
The Willis'!  I absolutely love these two!!  :)
Sister Moser is home now!  She was an awesome sister!

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