Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 73

Hello Everyone!

Well, this weekend has been pretty good!!  It's been a little hectic getting settled into the new area and helping the missionaries in my old wards to get to know the people that I taught!  So on Thursday we had a lesson with a Recent Convert, Jeff.  He is a really neat guy!  He hits his year mark in May and has had different struggles this past year, but he is really trying to be good, and I'm really excited to get to work with him!  Then on Friday we had a short lesson with a less-active, Brent and that went pretty well.  It was a short stop-in because he got a phone call and had to leave, but he came to church yesterday for the second time in a few decades!!  I'm really excited to work with him as well because he finally has that desire to come back, now we just have to help him on his way! :)  Then we stopped by a former investigator, Alfonso, and he is a pretty cool guy!  I've actually met him a few times before, and he is just such a good guy!  He told Sister Flake that he came to church this past Sunday for her, so hopefully we can keep teaching him, but he says that he isn't too interested.  Then on Saturday I went out for a few hours with the sisters that took 3rd ward and we had a good afternoon!  We saw Brittany again, and they set up a return appointment, so I really hope that those sisters can get into that home!  She just seems like such a sweet lady and has a good family, I hope that they will accept the gospel in their lives!!!  Then yesterday was pretty crazy; my 3 new wards area at 9, 11 and 1 so we are at church almost all day long, it's pretty exciting!  Whoever says that 3 hours is long needs to try out church all day. :)  Anyway, then we visited a lot of people for Sister Flake to say goodbye, everyone has loved having her here because she was here for 9 months, so hopefully we can do a good job at filling her spot!  :)  So it's been a pretty good weekend, nothing too exciting though!  I hope that you all have a great week ahead of you!  I love you all!!

Sister Zimmerman
 ​Our trio!  Only two more days of this, but it's been a blast!! :)
This is my sweet Sarita, I love her! :)

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