Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 74

Hello Everyone!

So this week has been really good!!  It's been a little crazy, but it's been good!  Monday evening we were able to have a good FHE with Mel and it went really well!  He shared some good videos with us on pushing through the hard times.  We all shared some tears because it was just a really good message!  We saw him later this week as well and talked about overcoming fears and feeling worthless.  Then on Tuesday we saw McKinley and the lesson went well; they didn't come to church on Sunday so hopefully next week they come!  Then we did a few exchanges to cover different appointments and for Sister Flake to say goodbye to people.  But, we were able to see everyone that we needed to see!  Then on Wednesday we got a new investigator, Rylee!  She is 10 and hasn't been baptized yet, so we are excited to work with her!  She wants to be baptized, but wants to wait until her sister turns 8 for them to be baptized together.  But I am very excited to start working with her!  Then I was able to go to a transition lesson with the elders and Ashley, so I was excited about that!  Then we also contacted the Jones' who I taught in 9th ward, but moved over to 1st ward now, so I get to work with them again!  They are a part-member family, and the dad who isn't a member answered the door and he was actually really nice so I was happy about that!  We got to see them yesterday, and we asked their daughter, Braxton if she wanted to have the lessons because she is 9 and not baptized, and she said yes!  So we have another new investigator!  Then on Thursday we had some good lessons with less-actives.  Unfortunately none of them came to church yesterday, but hopefully next week! :)  Then we had a lesson with Nicole and it went well!  We talked about the Book of Mormon, which I love talking about!  The Book of Mormon is SO vital in conversion, so it was really fun to be able to cover the importance of it! Then on Saturday morning we helped out with a funeral all morning, and it turned out pretty well.  I was so happy that we were able to help out!  Then we went to Kilee's baptism in the afternoon!!!  I am so proud of her for making the decision to be baptized!!  She looked so happy and I was so happy to have been a part of her journey to baptism!!  We also stopped into a part-member family, the Toups and had a great visit!  We got in the door by bringing chocolate cookies :).  You learn little tricks like that after a while. ;)  Anyway, then yesterday we also contacted a new non-member family that recently moved in and hopefully we get to go back this week to visit them!  I hope that you all have a great week!!!

Sister Zimmerman
 This is Ashley, I love her so much!!  I will definitely miss her!
The Fabians!  I love them!! :)

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