Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 76

Hello Everyone!!

It has been a crazy and good week out here in Taylor, Arizona!! :)  So, we were able to see one less-active family Monday evening and that was great because we had yet to sit down and have a long chat with them, because just a lot of things have been going on with them and we needed to hear the story to know how we can best help them out.  It was a really great visit and we did learn more about how we can better help them to be active in the church and to progress to the temple!  Their 12-yr old boy will be ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood soon so we are hoping to get him ready for that!  Then on Tuesday I was on exchanges with Sister Wallace, who if you remember was my companion from the MTC!!  So that was pretty fun, we had a great day of work!!  We were able to visit with a less-active family in the morning, and we hope to help him get back on his feet.  He was ex-communicated many years ago but he is such a sweet guy and he loves our visits, so we hope to help him to come to church again!  Then we were able to contact some people in the afternoon, one of them being a nonmember couple that has been contacted by missionaries for 8 years.  They are the sweetest people, but they think that they don't want to change.  They have a couple of sons that are members, so they have a lot of influence around them so hopefully we may have a chance with them?  She is a quilter, so we connected there with the crafts, so you never know!  They have only had sisters for the past 5 months, so maybe that's what they need? :)  Then we were able to see Jeff and he is doing well!  He brought his friend who isn't a member to our lesson, so he's doing great!  He wants to share the gospel with everyone, and that's my favorite thing to see in a recent convert! :)  Then we were able to see the Shumway girls and they are doing well also.  Then on Wednesday I went on another exchange with our New Mexico sisters so I got to drive for a total of about 3 hours, so that was fun!  The sisters there are doing great!  They were able to commit a 9-yr. old boy to a baptism date in June, and his mom is taking him to church which is great because she has been less-active!  Then on Thursday we went to the valley, so that was another 6 or so hours of driving.  Then on Friday we were able to attend our Mission Leadership Council meeting and it was a really good meeting!  We learned about some cool doctrine about being persistent with some investigators, and also about the Lord preparing people around us.  Then we came back that evening.  Then on Saturday we were able to do some service with one of our wards in the morning, and at one house that we were helping build a fence, the member sent us over to talk to a less-active lady that was outside at the moment.  So we went to go talk to her and she was really nice!  Her husband isn't a member, and she told us that we could come back to visit with her so we hope to do that soon!  So it's been a really great week and we are looking forward to working hard this week!  I love you all and hope the best for you!

Sister Zimmerman
 We decided to have a sleepover with the sisters last night!!!  We have fun :)
 Me and Amanda.:)  I love her so much!!!
Me and Kilee at her baptism a couple of weeks ago!!  I love this girl!! :)

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