Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 77

Hello Everyone!!! 

This week has actually been really great!!  We were able to go to a Family Home Evening with a family in one of our wards and a Recent Convert came and he brought his mom who isn't a member, and it was just a really cool evening!  The lesson ended up being on the Articles of Faith which I honestly haven't taught much on my mission, but I thought it was really cool especially for her since it lays out the basics of what we believe!  Then Tuesday morning was really cool!  We went to a quilting group to visit casually with a lady who isn't a member, but has been contacted by missionaries for 8 years.  When we first contacted them, he talked a lot more than she did, so it was just a really good thing to be able to get to know her better, and the chat we had with the other ladies was about our religion as well, so it was great!!  Oh, and she was embroidering squares for me and Sister Call that she will put on a pillow!  I thought it was so cute and thoughtful!  Anyway, then we went to a luncheon with some more ladies in one of our wards, and they had a neighbor there who isn't a member, and it was cool to chat with her as well and we were able to answer some of her questions about missions!  It was cool too because Sister Call and I are close to finishing, so of course everyone was asking what we are doing after, and how our missions have been.  Anyway, then we saw Taylor and she is doing well, we were able to go over with our Relief Society President, so that was so helpful, we love our members coming out with us!!  Then before dinner, we contacted a young man named Jake.  We found him trying to contact a potential investigator.  He was home with the door open, and his cute 3-yr. old boy greeted us at the door with a lot of handshakes :).  His son has epilepsy so he struggled to speak, but he was just so cute!  We asked him if we could come back to share a message with him and his family, and he said he would talk to his wife and get back to us, hopefully she is open!  So that was our exciting miracle this week, because we LOVE finding families!! :)  Then that evening there was a preparedness dinner for one of our wards and we sat at a table with a couple who aren't members but live up in Pinetop, but it was good to visit with them too!  Then Wednesday we had some good lessons in the afternoon, one of them being with a man, Alfonso, who had dropped the sisters about a month ago.  He said once one of the last sisters left he wouldn't listen to the missionaries, but he was open to us when we stopped to share a message and he even told us that he asked his daughter if she wanted to go to church last week, which I was super excited to hear because that means he must want to go at least a little bit.  Then that evening we had another member come out with us and we taught a less-active couple, and the member happened to know about some program that the couple wants to get into to help them with finances, so it was really cool to have her there to help them.  It really is always a good thing when our members come out with us!!  Then Thursday was good, we were able to see Brent and Christina, and they are doing good, they keep telling us that they're really going to pick up the Book of Mormon and read it, so hopefully next time.  Then we saw Jeff and he came to church on Sunday and he blessed the sacrament AND his mom came to church with him!!  It is just too fun to watch him progress. :)  Then this weekend we had Zone Conference and it was really good, we learned some really cool things including a little training that was given to the General Authorities before conference on the Sabbath Day.  It's amazing how many of us become relaxed with our Sabbath Day observance, but it is really our gift to Heavenly Father to focus our activities toward Him.  Then Saturday we did a lot of service painting, and I was on an exchange with Sister Krutsch who I trained a year ago!!  It was fun to be with her again!  Then we had a great Mother's Day yesterday, and I hope you all had a great day as well, and told your moms how much you appreciate them!  I'm sure grateful for my very special mom, and am so very grateful that she is with us today!!  I love you all and hope you have a great week!!
Sister Zimmerman

 And this perfectly showed our companionship!  I thought it was funny :)
 So, a long time ago we made soap.......and we ruined it so this was the result!
So, if you have the cleanest care out of your zone, you get what we call "The Golden Plates".  And if you know me, cleaning is one of my strengths but this was the first time I got the plates, so I was pretty excited! :)

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