Monday, December 1, 2014

Bed bugs, Thanksgiving, and Emergency Transfer to whitewash what???

Hello Everyone!

Well...not too many exciting things happened missionary-work wise, but I think it's safe to say that this has been the craziest week of my mission!  So, I've been getting bites on my arms that have gotten really swollen and they've just been painful and awful.  Well, on Wednesday we decided to move my bed away from the wall and vacuum around my bed to hopefully get rid of the bug that was biting me.  Well, we didn't see any spider webs, so I looked around my mattress and there were weird dark spots and I touched the fabric and one of them moved!  So, we got a jar and caught it then brought it over to a member's home who is an exterminator, and he verified that it was a BED BUG!!!  There's sort-of an infestation of bed bugs around in the valley.....but I was so sure we wouldn't get them.  Anyway, so we went home and started washing all of our clothes and bagging them up to keep them away from the bugs.  Then the next day we went to our Thanksgiving dinners and it was great!  Then we continued to do more laundry and cleaning.  Then Friday morning we did something pretty exciting!  So, I hope you have all heard of the church's initiative called "He is the Gift". They launched a website called on Friday with a short video showing that our Savior was the first gift of Christmas, and that we should discover the gift, embrace the gift, then SHARE the gift!  So, some sisters made posters and we stood in the median of a busy road between a mall and a big park.  We hope good things come of it, it was really fun!  I hope to get some of those pictures soon, if not I'm really sorry I don't have pictures to show for it, but it was super fun!!  Then Friday night I got a call from President Sweeney and he informed me that I needed to be packed and ready to go on a trip with him at 9 the next morning.  I was also told I would be whitewashing with a sister who has been out almost 2 transfers!  So, I am now up in Taylor, Arizona and it's sooo cold!!  But, so far it seems to be a pretty good area.  We don't have any investigators, but we will get there!  Sister Christensen is my new companion, she is so pretty and just an awesome missionary!  We get to be together for Christmas, so I'm pretty excited about that! :)  She is 19 years old, did a semester at BYU-Idaho and is from Cocoa Beach, Florida!  Also, if you have ever watched "The District 2" about missionaries in California, Elder Christensen is her brother! :)  So, this week has been pretty crazy, and this week will be very busy trying to figure everything out, but it's going to be so good!  I love you all and hope that you have a great week!  ALSO, PLEASE share the Gift with everyone that you can!  Remember all that He has done for you, and be kind and share that with others! :)

Sister Zimmerman
 Sister Christensen and I by a really cool view of Taylor! :)

Taylor Arizona :D

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