Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Working in Taylor Arizona!

Hello Everyone!

Well, this week hasn't been as crazy, but maybe it's just been a different kind of crazy!  We have been getting everything sorted out with our new area, and have been able to meet with all of our leadership which has been really nice to get to know where the wards are at so that we can know how to help everyone!  So, we were able to see a few people this week, one of them that stands out is a single mom named Megan.  She has been less-active for a long time, and has two little boys that are so adorable!  So we visited her this last week and we shared a message, then we asked her why she hadn't been to church in a long time, and we actually got the scoop on why she hadn't been for a while.  It was really cool, because while we were talking to her I just felt like she is one that we are going to help soften her heart.  I could be totally wrong, but she did let us help her set up her tree on Monday night and she made us dinner too!  She's a really sweet girl, I hope that we can help her to become active again.  Also, we have been in a trio since Thursday, so that has been interesting!  On Thursday we were with Sister Craig, because Sister Flake had to go down to the valley for a meeting, then didn't come back until late Friday night.  Then Saturday morning Sister Craig went home because she was on a trial mission and leaves for her real mission to Mississippi next Wednesday!  So we have been with Sister Flake since Saturday morning, but then her new companion, who happens to be my old companion Sister Crowther, came in late last night!  So on Sunday we got to go to our 3 wards which was really exhausting, but I sure do love our new wards, I'm so excited to work in this wonderful area!  We also met a really sweet family this last week that has actually been worked with for a long time, but now might just be the time that they are open to our message!  We will find out the beginning of January because they are expecting a baby any day and want us to come once things settle down a little more!  Anyway, it's been a great and a crazy week! I hope you all watch the He is the Gift video and find ways to Share the Gift with your friends and acquaintances!  I love you all!!  

Sister Zimmerman
 The Sisters in our cute little duplex :D
 Fun times in the car!
How will you #Share the Gift?

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