Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 57

Hello Everyone!

Well, the past few days have been busy for sure!  On Wednesday after P-day ended, we went to our Taylor 3rd ward Christmas party!  It was pretty fun and they had a pretty good turnout!  We were able to talk to the bishop and he pointed out different people that the sisters had worked with, so that was nice to put names to faces!  Then on Thursday, we just had the best day ever!  By the end of the day, we realized that EVERY door that we knocked, answered and let us in!!  It was so cool!  So we were able to visit with one lady who is the mom of a less-active lady that we were trying to contact!  Well, turns out the mom is also less-active and would love missionaries to come by, and has tried to reach out and get people to come, but no one has come to see her so she has given up.  So we contacted her missionaries and hopefully they will go see her soon!  Then we contacted a referral from one of our Bishops.  They are a sweet older couple that has a son who is paralized.  (Plan of Salvation??)  Anyway, he said that we could come back this week!  Hopefully it goes well!!  Then we saw another couple who is less-active, and they are super open to us and want us to help them go to the temple!  So exciting!  We also saw a sister who is less-active who just had an adorable little baby girl!  Well, she was really open to us and wants us to keep coming back, so hopefully we can get her and her mom active again!  Then we visited a sweet old couple, the wife is on hospice and can't go anywhere, so they really appreciate visits!  They are probably one of the most humble couples I've met!!  Then we taught another older couple this week who hasn't been sealed, so we are teaching them the lessons to prepare them to go to the temple!  They are such a nice couple!  Then Friday we got to see Ashley again and this time we taught her the Restoration!  She knows that the gospel is true, and she knows that she just needs to get the motivation to come to church to be active!  Her husband is also not a member, so hopefully we will be able to soften his heart a little? :)  She's the greatest, we are so happy to get to work with her!  Then Saturday we saw Judy again and shared a quick message, she is hopefully warming up a lot and will come to church soon!  Then we had our Taylor 9th ward Christmas party!  Then yesterday we had meetings and church from 7am till 4pm!  Long day, totally worth it!  Oh, and we got to go caroling to some people yesterday, it was so great!  One man opened the door (we didn't know him) and we sang to him, then we gave him cookies and he gave us some cookies right back!  It was really surprising!  :)  Anyway, things are going GREAT!!!  The people up here in Taylor are amazing and we have so much work to do it's so great!  I love you all, hope you are having a wonderful Chirstmas season!!

Sister Zimmerman
First gift from 12 days of Christmas. Matching book marks :D

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