Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week 59

Hello Everyone!

Merry Christmas!  I hope you all had a great week last week!  This week has been pretty good, although it was pretty slow.  On Monday evening we were able to visit a less-active couple, and their granddaughter, who is also less-active was there too!  This granddaughter was someone that we had been looking for for a while, but couldn't find her because the directions we received were "go down this road, and when you pass the end of the pavement go down your last dirt road on the left, and it's at the end on the left."  Well, if you were here you would understand that those are difficult directions considering the fact that everything is a dirt road and on the left could mean 5 houses...... So needless to say, I am grateful that we found her elsewhere. :)  Anyway, that was good!  Then on Wednesday we had an eventful day!  We had breakfast with an older couple in our ward, then we went to District Meeting.  I gave a talk and two other sisters gave some trainings then we went around the room and bore our testimonies.  It was a very neat experience and I'm pretty sure that we all cried a little at one point.  Then we went to a member's home for lunch with the other sisters.  This member is so sweet, she gave us all a present and a stocking of little gifts!  We also got to sing to them at the end!  Then that evening we went with a less-active couple to a family party of theirs in Snowflake!  And at the party, we were given a stocking and were asked to sit on Santa's lap along with everyone else......we refused because we're sisters....so that made for a fun moment for sure!  :)  Then we helped a less-active member wrap presents for her little family!  Then she sent us off with presents too!  My goodness, we were so spoiled this Christmas!!  Anyway, then on Christmas we were able to have breakfast with some sweet members, then we had lunch with another family in one of our wards, and they gave us stockings and presents, then we skyped our families!  So we had a pretty fun Christmas!  Then on Saturday we were able to see a less-active couple that we got referred to us from one of our Bishops, then we saw another referral, and visited more less-active people.  It was nice to end the week with some good visits after not being able to see many people this past week.  But it's been good and I was glad that I was able to be on my mission for a second Christmas, it is definitely a different experience!  I love you all and hope that you have a great week!

Sister Zimmerman
 The Rogers!  They had us over for breakfast Christmas Eve!  They are so nice to us!
 me and Sister Christensen
 skyping with the fam
 The Stapleys!  They had us over for breakfast on Christmas!
The Fabians!  I love them so much!  

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