Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 25

Hello Everyone!!!
Well, this week wasn't too exciting, so I apologize.  I have had health problems and we have run into other things that have been in the way of getting out and proselyting for more than a few hours, but those few hours are quite precious anyhow!  Most of the week we just worked with our Less-active members and our Recent Converts.  On Monday we were able to meet with Sarah which was exciting!  She is so sweet and she just makes me happy!  In fact she sat by us yesterday at church and she leaned over and said, "you both are doing such a great job, I'm so proud of you."  It warmed my heart and I felt like these past 5 and a half months really have been worth it.  Some of you may know how hard it is to be in an area where there aren't a lot of investigators, but when someone you have worked with for so long leans over and says that to you, it just warms you up!  So we got to meet with her which was exciting!  Then on Wednesday, we were trying to contact a potential investigator and he didn't answer the door, but he came out from behind the house and asked "what are you doing?"  and we told him who we were looking for, and he hadn't heard of him before.  This isn't unusual, but man, the next missionaries who come into this area will be so grateful for my efforts in cleaning out our area!  ;)  So we walk down his driveway, and there's an old man walking toward us and says "now there's two young ladies I'd like to talk to!"  If everyone on the street greeted us like that, I think we would be in the Celestial Kingdom.  We had a nice little chat with him and found out that some famous mormons lived across the street....I won't tell who but it was fun to hear a familiar name!  But we were able to have a little conversation with him and it was great!  He said he wasn't interested, but he was very nice and went on his way!   And yesterday we had a Mission President's fireside where one of our Recent Converts spoke.   He did a great job and make a few people tear up, which is a good thing!  I also want to mention that as members, we  ALL need to be welcoming to those who come to our church services.  If someone doesn't feel welcome at the first visit, or even throughout their conversion, you may be turning them away from a gospel that gives so much of us hope and peace!  I love you all and hope you have a WONDERFUL week!!  Read up on my blog next Wednesday for another update!  ;)

Love, Sister Zimmerman
 Love me some green smoothies!  They have: spinach, apple, banana, carrots, cucumbers, almonds, chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut oil, sometimes frozen fruit.  Soo healthy!  They're good too after a while
oh the clothes you find in a bag of leftover clothes from sisters! :)  Remember to "chill out!"  :)

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