Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Week 26 - Transfered to Show Low in the White Mountains!!

Hello Everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful week and that you all appreciated being close to your mothers!  This week has been great!  On Tuesday we went to the Peterson's because I had been thinking of them all day.  So we stopped by and they told us a miracle!  We finally committed them to pay tithing recently so they paid in on May 1st.  On Tuesday we found out that Brother Peterson got a promotion in work that will be a full-time position which also includes higher pay and benefits!  This is so wonderful!!!  Sister Peterson had worked their budget down to the CENT to pay tithing.  And just a few days later Heavenly Father started opening the windows of Heaven to them.  That was probably my favorite day this week!  It feels so good to see someone progress in your area!   Then Wednesday we had Zone Training Meeting which was great!  We learned a lot from all of the different trainings on how to be better missionaries!  Then on Thursday we saw Don and Rene.  We had great visits with them and I am so grateful to have seen Don progress so much since I have met him.  Then Saturday we went out to lunch with Don because we were pretty sure I was leaving.  Then we visited another less-active and were able to go to an Assisted Living out of our area to visit a member who recently had her appendix burst and a stroke.  We only visited for a short while but it was fun being able to go to an Assisted Living!  Then on Sunday we visited the Petersons again and had a great conversation with them and I was just so beyond grateful to have seen the gospel bless their lives!  Then Monday I had to say goodbye to Sarah which was sad because she was my first baptism.  She will be a great member though!  Then Tuesday we had transfers!  I left Arcadia after 5 and a half months of serving there, and am now up in Show Low.  We have the Show Low first ward and Rainbow Lake wards.  It is only 65 degrees outside and I couldn't be happier!  And last night I saw stars again!!!!!  There was a full moon out, so you couldn't see too many, but you could definitely see more than from the city!  My new companion is Sister Stevens and she has been out for 10 months, she is from Texas, and I already love her to death.  We are both just a little excited about this transfer!  It was hard to leave Arcadia, but I am also grateful to have a new perspective with a new companion and a new area.  I hope you all are doing wonderful!!
Sister Zimmerman
 Last picture in Arcadia!
New Companion Sis. Stevens in Show Low
Cacti covered Mountians

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