Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 27

Dear all who will read this,
This week has been INCREDIBLE!!!!  Being able to start over as a better missionary with a new companion and a new area is so refreshing!!!  Every day we have been guided by the spirit and have been so busy every day!  Wednesday night we had a lesson with an investigator and his wife who is a member.  The lesson was so amazing!!  I could feel the spirit the whole lesson and he just gets the gospel.  He's so ready for baptism!!  He wants to wait until August to be baptized, but I am happy to know that he will be ready to be baptized when he feels it is the right time.  So that was a great way to start off this week!  Then Thursday we had a lesson with a less-active member and her husband who wants to be baptized.  It was an interesting lesson, and we aren't too sure that he will be able to be baptized soon, unless he understands the importance better.  But they came to church on Sunday so that was good!  Then we saw some other less-active members and some members just to uplift them with a short and sweet message!  Then Friday we first saw a member just to introduce me to members in the ward.  We had a great visit, but had to leave early because we had to go to a lesson with a less-active member who lives in an Assisted Living.  For all of you who know me, you know that I was just a little excited that I got to go to an Assisted Living and we can go often to visit other people because it is in our area!!! :) :)  Anyway, the lesson there was great!  The lesson started off with the member calling us to repentance about not having started the last two lessons with a prayer.  That right there made me happy!  It was a great lesson with her and she came to church which always makes me happy!!!! :)  Then we met some more members in the ward.  I wish I could express how happy I have been this week getting to know people in these two wards I get to serve in!  Then Saturday we got to go to the Community Garden to help out wherever they needed us.  We both watered some different plants and both got some sun and got a little wet.  It was awesome!  :)  Then we had a lesson with a young man who is less-active and it sounded like he was ready to repent, so that's always a good thing!  Then we had another lesson with the investigator we saw earlier in the week and it went better than we thought!  Then we had a lesson with a Recent Convert couple and it was awesome!!!  It was so cool!!  But, they didn't come to church, so apparently it wasn't as awesome as we thought. Then Sunday was great!  We cover two wards so we went to Ward Council in one ward, then Sacrament of the other ward, then went home for a snack before going back to the first ward and then stayed until that ended.  Then we came home and ate and studied, then went to dinner, then had a lesson with a less-active couple who I already really love!  It was such a good week and I am sorry I haven't taken pictures of how it is up here, I will try to be better this week!  I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!
Sister Zimmerman 
Holding a parrot named Ollie at a members house for dinner

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