Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 24

Dear anyone who reads my blog,
This week was great!! It definitely had its ups and downs but that is okay because the ups always outweigh the downs!!  So Monday we met with a member to pick out a song for me to sing and for Sister Hogenson to accompany with the flute.  We found one that we both really liked then we went out proselyting!  Then on Tuesday we had a miracle!  We went out proselyting to the Capri apartments I like to refer to them as the prison apartments.....i need to come up with a better name because every building (there are six) has a different smell to it.  So we go to the apartment complex to talk with an investigator, but she wasn't home so I turned to my planner where I had written down different names of people in the complex that we could go try to contact before leaving the complex.  Well, one name popped out and she was literally right around the corner, so we went and knocked on the door.  She was home!!  That was a miracle in and of itself! Then we started talking to her, and turns out that it was the daughter of the woman we were trying to see.  But, this girl is also a member, we just didn't have her records in our ward.  So that was a good start.  Then as we get talking to her about why she doesn't come to church and then we talked about her boyfriend that she will be moving in with next month, she said she had some questions for us that her boyfriend had asked the night before.  So we ended up helping her a lot to answer these questions that he has in a simpler way.  It was so cool!  Then we left her with our phone number so that she could contact us the next time her boyfriend was in town so that we could teach him!  It was awesome!!!!!  Then Wednesday the most exciting thing was that our stake hosted Sound Alliance and Vocal Union from BYU-I!  Then Thursday we visited a family that we had dropped but some Elders contacted them in a park and said they were we went back and we had a good conversation we just need to work on the dad!  Then Friday wasn't too exciting, neither was Saturday.  But Sunday we performed our song that we had practiced throughout the week!  The ward showered us with compliments afterwards and it was just a fun way for the ward to get to know us better!  So it was quite a great week all in all!  I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week!!

Sister Zimmerman

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