Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 22

This week was amazing!!!!!  Oh man, it was just so good!  On Monday we received a referral from that we contacted...turns out that a friend must have sent in the referral because he wasn't expecting us and he didn't really want to hear our message, but that's okay because we got a referral!!  We love getting knew potential investigators!!  Then Tuesday we got another referral from that was for his son!  We decided to just call him but the number was wrong turns out so we will probably try to contact him later!  Then we got another referral from our Relief Society president after having a visit with her on how to get our members (specifically the women in our ward) more involved in missionary work!  Then we were able to contact a family that we had received as another referral and they said that we could come back on Saturday so that in itself was so hopeful and they seem like a very nice family!!  Oh and we also had a lesson with a member on Tuesday morning!  It was awesome!  We had a member come with us and she brought her toddler (we only allowed this because the member had been to a lesson to teach her two years ago when the toddler was still in her stomach so it was kind-of fun for her to see the baby!)  and he was soooo fascinated with the investigator's two dogs it was quite entertaining!  Then we were able to teach the message of the Restoration in 15 minutes!  After learning a new way to present the Restoration in 7 minutes using pamphlets that we get, we were truly able to teach it in such a short amount of time!  She wants us to come back tomorrow so we will see how she progresses!  Then Wednesday we had a lesson with a referral that we had already contacted but hadn't had a lesson with yet.  We also taught him the Restoration using the pamphlet.  Unfortunately, he will be busy until May 1, but don't fret, we will be there on May first waiting to teach him!  Then we also received 3!!!! referrals from another member!  It was amazing!!!  Just for all of my friends who are members, referrals from members are like early birthday presents they are GOLDEN!!!  So we started contacting them but it was late so not everyone answered.  Then Thursday we received a text from a member telling us that they had invited a family to hear the restoration like we had asked, and they said absolutely!  Like I said, this week was amazing!!!  :)  Then that night we joined our ward choir which was quite fun!  I've missed being in a choir so this was very exciting to be able to participate in!  On Friday we just did our weekly planning then went to the Mesa Temple to help meet and greet people for the Mesa Easter Pageant Jesus the Christ.  It was very fun and I was able to see Sister Rice from school!  She is serving in the Tempe mission and has only been out about 3 months!  It was very fun to talk with her!  Then Saturday we had a juicing party again to juice oranges and grapefruit that some missionaries had helped pick off of some trees.  This time it took 5 hours to juice all of the fruit!!  So when we finally went out proselyting we weren't able to talk to the Zener's because they weren't home, but that night we were able to attend the High Priest group dinner which was very fun to be involved in.  We were able to get to know even more members better!  Then Sunday was wonderful!!  Sacrament meeting consisted of 5 songs and one speaker. All of it brought the spirit and it was just so fun!  I love Easter!! (we had our easter program this Sunday because next Sunday is our Stake Conference)  And of course the rest of our classes were very good!  Then when we went proselyting, we first went to dinner, then were able to contact Sue.  We were able to talk to her for a while and she invited to come back at the beginning of May as well.  We are excited to work with her!  It has been a wonderful week!!  I hope you all have a wonderful week before Easter Sunday and are able to apply the Atonement in your own lives!  

 5 hours juicing oranges!!! Yea!

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