Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 21- Great General Conference

This week wasn't too exciting as I only have 4 days to catch up on!  Wednesday night I was able to start an exchange with Sister Heap!!  I was so excited because I've missed her and just really enjoy being with her!  So Thursday was great other than having a nasty migraine during our abbreviated District Meeting!  I learned a lot from Sister Heap about gaining back motivation for my mission!  I've never really been unmotivated, but it's always good to start fresh and get more excited about sharing the Gospel with everyone we meet!  One thing I will be changing is studying for my investigators more and trying to rely on the spirit more during the day.  It can be surprisingly hard sometimes for us missionaries to be fully guided by the spirit.  Sometimes we simply don't consciously give up our will to our Heavenly Father.  One thing I have really learned on my mission is that as missionaries, we work work work to wait for miracles.  None of the miracles come just from our efforts.  Sometimes our hard work proves to our Heavenly Father that we are ready to listen to the spirit and do whatever he asks of us.  I basically feel like a new Greenie despite the fact that I've been out for almost 5 months (someone sped up time way too fast)!  Anyway, after the exchange we then went straight to our Ward Mission Leader's house to talk about the efforts of the ward on behalf of missionary work.  We have been instructed that the ward should be providing 20 lessons a week for us and we should be providing the other 20 for a total of 40 lessons a week!!!  This will be a huge leap for this area as we are teaching on average 7-10 lessons a week!  This of course won't happen over night but I've been waiting for miracles to happen and am still waiting and trying to work hard!  So we had a great meeting with him, then visited other people before going in for the night.  Friday wasn't too exciting, we had to stay in for a while because Sister Hogenson wasn't feeling well, but we were able to visit a couple people that night.  Then Saturday was so good!  I absolutely loved conference!  All of the speakers were so inspired and I am so excited to see our members taking action on what some of the speakers had to say.  Maria did not come to the afternoon session of conference so we will probably be dropping her.  But Sunday was good as well!  We enjoyed conference and are hopeful about this coming week!  I hope you all had a wonderful week and enjoyed Conference as much as we did!  Take what Elder Ballard said to heart and just invite one of your friends to hear the message of the Restoration!  I love you all!

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