Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 47

Hello everyone!

This week was sooo good!  It really was amazing!  So on Tuesday we went up to Scottsdale to watch a screening of "Meet the Mormons" and it was AMAZING!!!!  Everyone who reads this needs to go and bring someone with them or at least invite someone to go and see it on their own time!  The church did an amazing job at showing Mormons from different walks of life!  I just thought it was so good and I definitely cried when it showed the missionary mom and her son leaving on her mission....I'm pretty sure that we were all crying.  But, go see it you won't regret it!  Then that night we were able to teach Travis and Katie.  We were able to teach them about the Word of Wisdom, and they received it really well!  Then Travis was able to go to the Priesthood session on Saturday night and he said that he now has a strong testimony that President Monson is truly a prophet of God.  Katie said that when he got home that night that he was just grinning from ear to ear!!  I was so happy to hear that!!!  He is definitely progressing and it is so fun to be apart of his spiritual journey!  We were also able to watch the Sunday morning session with a member in our ward in their home.  We really hope that they both got something out of that session, I think they were a little tired though.  Then Wednesday we had exchanges and it was such a great day!  So we had our District meeting in the morning and it was good, Sister Rudy gave a great talk on Hope.  Then we had some lunch, then we went to an appointment with a lady in the Assisted Living in our area, who had a friend that wanted to learn more about our church.  Her friend is Judy and she is in her late 70's.  She was so ready to receive our message!  We had a great first meeting with her and our conversation was all centered on the gospel it was great!  I was so excited coming out of that lesson, because she is fully capable of learning and grasping our message and I am pretty certain that she will progress to baptism.  Then Thursday we went by to see her and I was able to introduce her to Sister Rudy and she was so excited to see us!  She said that she was already starting to feel a part of our family!  I was so happy to hear that because that is how we want everyone to feel!  Then we haven't been able to see her since, but we will hopefully get to see her tomorrow!  Then Thursday we had another great day.  We had a lesson with Anne Marie and she is doing well, we just hope to see her at church on a more regular basis!  Then we were able to street contact 11 people through stopping on the street or tracting!  It was so great!  And two of those people said that we could come back to teach them some more!  Then conference this weekend was just great!  I hope that you all enjoyed the messages that we received from our prophets and that you were all as spiritually uplifted as I was!  I enjoyed so many of the talks, especially ones about following the prophet, because I know for myself that as we follow the prophet, that we will find so much joy in this life!  I can't wait to review the talks when they come out!  I hope that you all have a great week!  Remember to go see "Meet the Mormons".

Sister Zimmerman
 Finished another blanket
So, I totally feel like I'm living with my Soderberg grandparents, and the other day we came in from proselyting and I found this little dish of wedding mints....and grandma Soderberg always had wedding mints at her house in a little dish.  It was just funny so I had to take a picture! 

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