Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 49 - 20th Birthday!!!

Hello Everyone!

This week has been good!  So Monday night we were able to meet with a less-active member and her new roommate who Sister Rudy hasn't seen for a while.  We are going to try to get them on track to the temple, but it may just take a while.  It was an interesting meeting, but it was good and I'm excited to help some members make it to the temple!  Then Tuesday we had a really fun Relief Society activity and we got Katie to come with us so that was exciting!  We learned all about being prepared in an emergency, I learned a lot and hopefully gained motivation to be prepared when I have a family of my own one day!  Then Wednesday was good!  We had our Zone Training meeting and focused it all on the temple.  We talked a lot about how important it is to keep the end in mind, and be sure that all of our efforts are leading those we are teaching to the temple.  It was a good refresher to remember how important our temple covenants are and to remember the blessings that God has in store for all of us if we make those covenants!  Then we went to the Towers and saw Linda and she had hostess cakes and butterfingers for my birthday and Sister Rudy going away.  It was super cute!  We also met with a less-active young woman that just turned 12 in August and we were able to get her to go to Young Women's activity at the native ward which was really cool!  She is in between wards, so we are both going to try to work with her I guess?  I'm not quite sure, but she will be taken care of she is a very sweet girl!  Then Thursday night Sister Rudy told me that we were going to do Family History work with some other sisters because they were struggling and they wanted to sort-of hang out so that they could relax.  Anyway, they ended up getting me over to a member's home because the story was that the one sister couldn't handle being with the other sister and we needed to break them up.  Well, instead they had a surprise party waiting for me!  It was super sweet and it was quite exciting that the only real surprise party that I've had was on my mission!  So we had cupcakes and talked with each other, and took fun pictures it was great!  Then Friday was great.  We stopped by to see Travis and Katie because we had only been able to see Katie that week, but it was his birthday, so we just told him Happy Birthday then Katie stood outside and talked with us for a little bit.  While she was talking with us she told us that Travis had leaned over to her the other night and asked what she thought about them getting married next month!!  I was so excited to hear this!  They were planning on getting married in April!!!!!  The spirit definitely testified to me that this was in our Heavenly Father's plan.  It just felt so good!!  So, we are hopefully going to be seriously preparing him for baptism in the near future!  There isn't a for sure date or anything like that, but at least they aren't set on April anymore!  Then Saturday we were able to tour the Phoenix Temple!  It was a beautiful temple!  We were able to go with a less-active family and Demitri who is a solid recent convert!  So it was a good trip!!  Then Sunday we had our primary program and we had a less-active couple come that I haven't seen at church since I've been here so I was excited to see them!  It's been a great week and this week will be a busy one with Sister Rudy leaving next week!  I hope you all have a great week!  Remember to take the opportunity to share the gospel whenever you can!!

Sister Zimmerman
Coke a Cola Birthday cake!!!

Mesa Zone - it's been a fun transfer :D
 Phoenix Temple open house

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