Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 37

Hello Everyone!
This week has been awesome!!  So... I don't have my planner with me so I don't remember all of the details of this week.  But This week we weren't able to meet with Monica which was sad, but we get to see her tonight!  Then we were able to meet with James and Jeremy a few times this week which was fun as usual!  We have a date set for them for August 9th!  They should be ready to be baptized by then!  Then we were able to see Marie and she has committed to taking the stop smoking lesson tomorrow, so we are crossing our fingers that she follows it and is able to finally quit smoking so that she can be baptized!!  We also met with Josiah and committed him to pray about being baptized, and he told us last night that he doesn't feel comfortable committing right now, but that he is open to learning more!  Everyone else is doing well!   Then Friday night we spent a few hours at the stake center to start setting up for a big BBQ that we had with the Eldorado ward.  The goal was to have a get together with the two wards, and have nonmembers attend and receive a tour of the church building so that we could introduce more about our religion.  But it took a lot of time to set up! Friday night we just set up tables and chairs, then Saturday we were at the church from 11 AM until 8:30 at night.  We got there and started decorating, Sister Holman and I put up the streamers, then we also went around making sure that the rooms looked presentable.  The BBQ had a great turnout!!  There were quite a few nonmembers that came with their member friends and they all seemed to have a great time!  The sisters participated in a pie eating contest that ended up in a food fight between them, but it was pretty funny to watch!  Everyone had a great time!  Toward the end we were able to give Josiah a tour and it was so great!  He said that everything made sense and that he really liked it!  Then Sunday was great!  Only James and Jeremy were able to make it to church, but Josiah said he will make it next week he is just still recovering from his shoulder injury.  I love you all and hope that you have a great week!  
Sister Zimmerman
 24th of July BBQ

So......we needed a place to chill the watermelon until we cut it later in the afternoon
on Saturday so....we filled up the baptismal font with cold water and a few bags of ice..
in our defense it was our Bishop's idea!  Probably a once in a lifetime opportunity!
This is us after chalking!  Sister Moser, Sister Hopkin (our STL they were on exchanges), 
Sister Lords and I!

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