Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 36

Hello Everyone!
This week has been absolutely amazing!  I love my new area and know for a fact that this is where I need to be right now!  So Monday we basically traveled all day then we got back to the apartment at 5:30 and I started unpacking, then we went to a lesson with a lady named Monica!  On our way over to the lesson, we were on bike of course and it poured!!  So we were soaked, and this was only the second time she has had missionaries to teach we felt bad, but she's super cool!  We had a really good lesson with her and we were just so excited!  She is really open and we are so hopeful that she will join the church and that by doing so she will just be a lot happier!  Then we tried to meet a few other people, then headed home to plan and then I finished unpacking.  Then Tuesday we had a lesson with two boys who want to be baptized, their names are James (11) and Jeremy (9).  They stopped Sister Lords and Sister Taylor while they were walking and asked if they were mormon, they said yes, then they said they were mormon too, but they weren't baptized but they wanted to be baptized.  Turns out that their cousins and grandma just got baptized into the Spanish branch!  So we had a good lesson with them about the Commandments!  They are very rambunctious so we repeat ourselves a lot so that they remember everything we teach them!  Oh, we also had Interviews and inspections that were really good!  My interview was good!  I just absolutely love President Sweeney he is a very understanding and loving man, and I am just very grateful that he is my mission president!  Then we had to finish our P-day chores.  Then Wednesday morning we went out walking at 6 and on our way back to the apartment, we met a man who Sister Lords has met before but hasn't been able to catch him at home to teach him, so we asked if we could stop by later that day and he said sure.  So around 9 we went over to his house and started teaching him, and by the end we asked if he had any questions and he said, "no, it just sounds like I need to read this book (the Book of Mormon) and find out for myself if it is true."  We were a little surprised because we don't get that response it was really cool!  He told us to come back in 3 weeks so that he could have time to finish reading the Book of Mormon!  I'm really excited to teach him in 3 weeks, he is a very sincere and open man!  He just seems so ready to receive the gospel!  Then we saw Marie who is another one of our investigators, but she can't get baptized quite yet until she quits smoking.  This week we taught her about the importance of the Book of Mormon in hopes that it would help her understand her need to be baptized and also quit smoking.  Then we had a lesson with a man named Josiah. He stopped the sisters while they were out biking, and told them that he wanted to be baptized.  He had taken the missionary lessons in Texas, and wanted to be taught again because he was never baptized!  He is a super nice guy!  It was an awesome lesson!  Then we had a movie night at our ward mission leader's house with some recent converts and less-actives and investigators!  We watched Ephraim's Rescue and it touched me so much!  I love that movie and I love the example that those saints gave us in fighting for this gospel!  Then Thursday we saw James and Jeremy again and taught them about why it's important to be baptized.  It was good!  Then we saw Monica again and invited her to pray about being baptized and she said she would!  In our next lesson we are going to invite her to set a date to be baptized!  She was unable to come to church on Sunday, but said she would come next week!  Then we had a lesson that night with a man named Jack who is a recent convert, and I actually met him about a week after he first met the missionaries!  He is a super neat guy and is definitely converted to the gospel!  That lesson made me so happy!  Then Friday we had a lesson with Matt who is another recent convert.  He is awesome!  I can't really remember what we talked about, it's been a long week!  Then Saturday we went out at 8 and street contacted people and passed out flyers to a BBQ that we are having this coming Saturday for Pioneer day!  Then after studies we went out with Sister Sweeney to Costco to get a Camel pack and help her with some grocery shopping.  It was fun, we love Sister Sweeney!  Then we had another lesson with James and Jeremy and with Josiah.  We also had a lesson with a lady who's daughter was recently baptized into the single's ward, and I actually went to her baptism!  It was super cool!  She is opening up to the idea of joining the church, it was just a really good lesson!  Then Sunday we had church and James and Jeremy rode with us to church, but no one else came, but that's okay!  We have next week!  Then after church we did studies then went out with the other sisters to contact people that the Bishop didn't know, but they weren't home so we taught one of their less-active members.  It's been a wonderful week!  I hope you are all doing well!!  I love you lots!
Sister Zimmerman 

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