Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 35

Hello Everyone!
Well, this week has been a little crazy.  First off, I'm being emergency transferred back down to Scottsdale to the same stake but a different ward!  And I will be on a bike and will also be serving with Sister Hogenson again because we split the ward with her and her companion!  Crazy!  I'm really really sad to leave Show Low, I've met some wonderful people here, but I'm planning on coming back here to visit after my mission if I don't get a chance to come back during my last 10 months out here!  So Monday was really cool.  Sister Stevens and I had recommitted ourselves to being exactly obedient this past weekend, and Monday we saw the blessings from striving to be obedient!  We first went to see an investigator who claims she is always busy, but she was home and very open to meeting with us!  Then at the end her daughter started asking us questions about the plan of salvation, which was a miracle because usually she is not interested in talking to the missionaries, so that was awesome!  Then we asked if we could make Monday evenings a regular visit, and she said that would be fine, which was a blessing because like I said, she was always apparently really busy!  Then we went to go see another investigator that I hadn't met yet, and she was home and we set up a return appointment with her so that was a blessing as well!  It was an awesome evening!  And we knew that it was mainly because of our striving to be exactly obedient.  Then Tuesday we went out in the afternoon and first went to the Cluff's to use their computer to finish up a spreadsheet for us to be better able to track our ward's member missionary efforts.  Then we went to the memorial for Barb Sellards.  It was a very short and simple memorial, and I was happy to see a good amount of people to come and support Wes from the ward.  Sister Stevens and I opened and closed the meeting with singing "Lead Kindly Light" and then "Be Still My Soul" A Capella.  After the meeting, everyone came up to us to tell us how beautiful we sounded together, and some people told us that they even cried.  It was pretty cool.  I will miss being able to sing with Sister Stevens, because I get to harmonize and I miss doing that a lot!  Then we went to the Rova's and had a lesson with them.  It was a good lesson and we watched "Treasure in Heaven" and talked about consecration.  It was a very good lesson, and Sister Rova committed to coming to church on Sunday with Dillon!  We were very excited about that!  Then Wednesday we had our Zone Training Meeting which was really good!  I really enjoyed the trainings that we received on how to be better missionaries!  Then we went out to lunch with one of my Aunt's friends who is up in Show Low for a while!  It was very fun to have her take us out to lunch and visit with her!  She has had 3 kids go on missions, so it was fun to talk about her missionaries!  Then that night I was dropped of at the Rubert's to wait until they drove me to Hon Dah to meet some other sisters to do an exchange.  We had to do it this way because we also had a lesson with Steve Price that we had to go to, so we did some splitzies.  Then Thursday I was on an exchange with Sister Evans (who I totally Facebook stalked before the mission!) in Whiteriver!  It was a very interesting day!  We kept plenty busy, and along the way were approached two different times by some drunk men asking for money.  Oh what an adventure!  Then we exchanged back later that night.  Then Friday we didn't do much, then we had another exchange on Saturday and this time I was in my area and Herman White came with me.  We had a really awesome day!  In planning the night before, we had planned to see a potential investigator named Guy, and we were at the Farmer's market doing some contacting around lunch, and we met him there and found out that he is moving into our other ward!  Pretty cool coincidence!  Then we went out to see another investigator who has heard all of the lessons, and he was really happy to see us and we set up a return appointment with him!  Then we stopped by to see Wes and his friends and I told him goodbye since I found out that day that I would be transferred today.  Then we had dinner, then after dinner we decided to go see the Westbrooks to ask them about Jake and try to set up an appointment with him.  It was definitely our lucky day, because Jake was miraculously there!  It was so cool!  We shared a short message with him then set up a return appointment yay!!  Then we exchanged back.  Then Sunday was just sad because I had to say goodbye to everyone.  I've learned a lot up here, but I am also excited for the new adventure down in Scottsdale!  It will be good!  So that has been my crazy week, I hope you are all doing well!  I love and miss you all!  Remember to invite someone to hear our wonderful message quarterly!  
Sister Zimmerman

 Here are the sweet Gardners!  He was our ward mission leader in our Rainbow Lake ward!  I love them so much!
I'm going to definitely miss my sweet Rovas!  I'll be back to ride horses with them one day!!

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